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Reviews of Books with 288 Pages

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 288 pages.

Book Review

Unholy Land

by Michelle Anne Schingler

There are some who know many faces of the divine, but their knowledge is not necessarily desirable. Lavie Tidhar’s stunning science fiction adventure, "Unholy Land", moves between incarnations of Jewish being with alacrity, hunger, and... Read More

Book Review

Summer Cannibals

by Meredith Grahl Counts

Melanie Hobson’s "Summer Cannibals" is a vibrant, vicious family portrait in which three adult daughters come home. The family matriarch, Margaret, has summoned everyone to rally around her very pregnant daughter, Pippa. The girls’... Read More

Book Review

Path of the Puma

by Susan Waggoner

Pumas (also known as cougars, mountain lions, and ghost cats) are the least familiar of North and South America’s big cats. Seldom-seen loners, their numbers are growing even as other species diminish. In "Path of the Puma", biologist... Read More

Book Review

Not for Long

by Karl Helicher

Images of wealthy pros and stars from top-tier NCAA programs are replaced by the reality of injury-shortened careers, lives of chronic pain, and emotional distress in Robert W. Turner II’s "Not for Long". This eye-opening investigation... Read More

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