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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 288 pages.

Book Review


by Rebecca Foster

One in four Americans belongs to no religion, the majority of those having been raised in, and having left, Christianity. In his engaging book "Nonverts", Stephen Bullivant unearths the stories behind these statistics and presents cogent... Read More

Book Review

The Kitchen Healer

by Aimee Jodoin

Enter the heart of the home to find solace and self-love through Jules Blaine Davis’s New Age book "The Kitchen Healer". Though it contains some recipes, this is not a cookbook, but rather a cooking book. It is a guide to feeling at... Read More

Book Review

Case Study

by Dontaná McPherson-Joseph

A psychology enthusiast dives into writings by and about his favorite psychologist in Graeme Macrae Burnet’s literary novel "Case Study". Upon discovering that her sister had been seeing rogue psychologist Collins Braithwaite before... Read More

Book Review

Things I Know

by Jeana Jorgensen

In Helena Close’s contemporary novel "Things I Know", a teenage girl battles with grief, memory, and her identity. Saoirse’s father relocated her and her two siblings from Limerick to an even smaller town after their mother’s... Read More

Book Review

The Truth about Everything

by Catherine Thureson

In Bridget Farr’s hopeful novel "The Truth about Everything", a teenager struggles to learn about life while living off of the grid. Lark has never been to school. Her only friend is Alex, the grandson of a man whom her father has some... Read More

Book Review

Looking for the Hidden Folk

by Rebecca Foster

For decades, cultural historian Nancy Marie Brown has been fascinated by Iceland, a nation of natural and supernatural wonders. Her book "Looking for the Hidden Folk" is a mischievous guide to reclaiming sacred connections to places as a... Read More

Book Review

Back to the Moon

by Kristine Morris

In "Back to the Moon", astrophysicist Joseph Silk makes a compelling argument for a return to the moon and lays out an exciting vision for the next fifty years of lunar science. Silk presents an exciting scenario featuring massive... Read More

Book Review

The Family Izquierdo

by Elaine Chiew

Rubén Degollado’s resonant novel "The Family Izquierdo" maps three generations within a Mexican family on the Texas side of the Rio Grande. A family tree orients the reader among the book’s large, mixed ensemble, whose members are... Read More

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