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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 288 pages.

Book Review


by Michelle Anne Schingler

When love is great, its loss can consume you; so a family learns in Meredith Hall’s delicate, poignant novel, "Beneficence". Doris became a Senter the day her husband, Tup, brought her to his family farm. She was happy to settle into... Read More

Book Review

Like a Bird

by Danielle Ballantyne

Fariha Róisín’s novel sings of building joy within sorrow and spins a gossamer reverie that clings to the consciousness. Taylia grows up on the Upper West Side as the less loved younger daughter of a mixed race family. Her father is... Read More

Book Review

His Only Wife

by Samantha Ann Ehle

A brave young woman confronts modern-day sexism and classism in Peace Adzo Medie’s novel "His Only Wife". Left penniless after her father’s death, Afi and her mother survive thanks to the wealth of a benefactor, Aunty Faustina. When... Read More

Book Review

All the Feels

by Kristine Morris

Elizabeth Laing Thompson’s Christian walk brought her to know a passionate God. “We love wildly and give lavishly because he shows us how,” she writes. But figuring out what to do with emotions, especially those of the wild and... Read More

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