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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 282 pages.

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Book Review

Kingdom of Women

by Karen Rigby

Kearns skillfully walks the tightrope between feminist polemic and literary experiment. "Kingdom of Women" turns the tables on patriarchy, creating an alternate world where bands of vigilante women strike back at transgressors. Rosalie... Read More

Book Review

A Most Singular Venture

by Karen Rigby

Winsome protagonists return in this novel that pays tribute to the classic, closed-society English mystery. Donna Fletcher Crow’s affable, problem-solving duo returns in "A Most Singular Venture", the fifth volume in a literary... Read More

Book Review

Prospect for Murder

by John M. Murray

A Prospect for Murder is a contemplative and slow-paced mystery with fantastic scenery and lovely characterization. Jeanne Burrows-Johnson’s "Prospect for Murder" is a unique mystery set against the lush backdrop of Hawaii. A haunting... Read More

Book Review

Iniquities of Gulch Fork

by Charlene Oldham

Realistic depictions of Ozark life and surviving memories of war make this novel compelling. Sara Rhodes and Bob Smith’s "Iniquities of Gulch Fork" is the believable story of vulnerable people falling prey to a con man, addiction, and... Read More

Book Review

And They Shall Wear Purple

by Matt Sutherland

Delight in the presence of a poet so sane as to make you want to sit at her feet, lean against her knees. And yet, Jean Hollander’s poetry won’t stroke your cheek with comforting missives—her work is commanding, powerful, spare as... Read More

Book Review

Jesus Delayed

by Kristine Morris

Turning dispensationalist theology on its head, this work argues that Christians can experience joy now and look forward to the future. J. E. Gulbrandsen’s Jesus Delayed: What the Bible is Really Teaching about the Rapture,... Read More

Book Review

The Fisherman

by Catherine Thureson

"The Fisherman", with its spine-tingling pleasures, represents the best of what a horror novel can offer. "The Fisherman" unfolds with exquisite slowness as a three-part tall tale. The first portion introduces the narrator, Abe, and his... Read More

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