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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 282 pages.

Book Review

Athlete for Hire

by Joseph S. Pete

In the fantastical novel "Athlete for Hire", a college sports wunderkind is approached to play on three separate professional teams at one time. Lou Saulino’s rollicking novel "Athlete for Hire" is about a professional athlete who... Read More

Book Review


by Ian Dailey

In Quincy Carroll’s novel "Unwelcome", a young man seeks personal understanding, a place to call home, and justifications for his own errors in pursuit of both. Changsha, China, feels like more of a home to Cole Chen than the United... Read More

Book Review

One Simple Thing

by Ho Lin

Rodney is a twelve-year-old with a predilection for adult comics who’s stuck in Hope, a dead end Wyoming town. Nadine is a wary drifter on the run from life and failed relationships, shacked up in the backwoods of Washington state.... Read More

Book Review

Healing Worthlessness

by Samantha Ann Ehle

Based in personal experiences, the self-help text "Healing Worthlessness" addresses the society-wide problem of abuse with love and compassion. Drawing on the work of psychoanalysts and upon personal experiences, Desiree Leigh... Read More

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