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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 277 pages.

Book Review


by Delia Stanley

"Grace" is a reflective collection whose stories move across times and circumstances to arrive somewhere real. Dan Burns’s genre-diverse short story collection "Grace" captures characters and fleeting moments while putting a twist on... Read More

Book Review

It’s Grief

by Melissa Wuske

"It’s Grief" is a guidebook that will impart hope in the moments when it’s most needed. Edy Nathan’s self-help book, "It’s Grief", charts a gentle forward path through the murkiness of loss. Grief is universal, yet each person... Read More

Book Review


by Christine Canfield

It is the story of a woman faced with an unimaginable obstacle, and how she found the strength to climb over it. When Kristin Collier’s husband came out to her as transgender, Kristin did what most people do when faced with the... Read More

Book Review

Hazelet's Journal

by Mark McLaughlin

Step aside, Jack London, and make room at the bar for George Cheever Hazelet. John Clark’s marvelous edit of the journals his great-grandfather penned during the Alaskan Gold Rush are every bit as exciting and authentic as what the... Read More

Book Review

A Red Sun Also Rises

by Bradley A. Scott

Mark Hodder, author of the Philip K. Dick Award-winning steampunk series featuring Burton & Swinburne, takes a somewhat different tack in this stand-alone novel. The framing story should seem familiar enough to any fan of Lovecraft... Read More

Book Review

The Coach's Son

by Jeff Friend

Wherever there is a sporting event, the die-hard fans will be there. It may be a mother at her son’s Little League game, screaming wildly, or a middle-aged man painted in his team’s colors at a soccer match. Regardless of who the... Read More

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