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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 268 pages.

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Book Review

The Supremacy

by Gregory A. Lowe

This action-packed science fiction novel has vivid, beautiful settings and characters with depth. Eric Peter Brown’s "The Supremacy" is a science fiction epic with an eclectic cast of characters, unique fantastic settings, and a... Read More

Book Review

Father's Day

by Susan Waggoner

This surprising novel explores the not-so-perfect lives inside an insular religious community. Coincidence, Christianity, and the past collide in Gary Kyriazi’s introspective morality tale, Father’s Day. It’s the afternoon before... Read More

Book Review

Joe Peas

by Amanda Adams

"Joe Peas" is a compelling slice of quaint rural Southern life. "Joe Peas" by Sam Newsome is the tale of a seemingly innocuous Italian house painter who, through a series of hijinks, positively impacts a small town in North Carolina.... Read More

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