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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 265 pages.

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Book Review

Second Chapter

Every day 140348 people die and 140347 of them are not prepared for it…at least according to Second Chapter’s main character Ben Hoffman. As the book opens Ben a celebrity writer is still suffering from the death of his bride Janet... Read More

Book Review

Consulting Mastery

by Cindy Kryszak

This book shows readers (especially consultants) how to go beyond the conventional model of problem solving to a deeper level of insight, to help transform their clients and make a lasting impact. “In short, to move from being a... Read More

Book Review

Charlie Ford Meets Secret Agent Man

by Edward Morris

After one gets past the juvenile title, this is really a funny, engaging, mile-a-minute romp. Charlie Ford—never call her “Charlene”—is a high-spirited twenty-nine-year-old nanny to rich kids. She turned to nannying after almost... Read More

Book Review

Art and Intimacy

by Karen Wyckoff

Fanning the riverbed of human psyche with the tireless fin of academia, soft-rayed with the sweeping reach of interdisciplinary research, Art and Intimacy gradually unveils the shared origin of love and the humanities, which rock with... Read More