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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 254 pages.

Book Review

Birds Sing before Sunrise

by Benjamin Welton

"Birds Sing before Sunrise" is high-minded thriller that builds upon political insights using excellently placed characters. Jan Smolders’s "Birds Sing before Sunrise" is a muscular political thriller set in the controversial milieu of... Read More

Book Review

Hunters of Hahl

by John M. Murray

"Hunters of Hahl" is a character-driven fantasy that brims with heartfelt ideas about family and culture. In Jack Henry Psaila’s compelling fantasy "Hunters of Hahl", a society unites in the hopes of defeating a towering monster. A... Read More

Book Review

The Cat Men of Gotham

by Rachel Jagareski

Peggy Gavan’s atmospheric Cat Men of Gotham retells forty-two true stories of Old New York felines and the men who cared for them. Culled from newspaper and magazine archives from the 1880s to the 1930s, these tales about cat mascots... Read More

Book Review

Love, Inc.

by Matt Sutherland

Of all the figurative flavors of Kool-Aid to keep you from facing reality, perhaps the most popular is the belief that falling in love quickly leads to a life lived happily ever after. Sorry, Cinderella, it takes a little more than... Read More

Book Review


by Pallas Gates McCorquodale

The Crime Travelers series combines action and adventure with global awareness and smart humor. Loyalties are challenged and the bonds of family and friendship tested in Paul Aertker’s "Priceless", the third installment of Crime... Read More

Book Review

Growing up Chinese

by Melissa Wuske

Stephen Ling’s personal story captures a man who has always been true to himself and guided by his own ethic. Stephen Ling’s immigration memoir Growing Up Chinese moves from his early poverty in Malaya (now Malaysia) to his life the... Read More

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