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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 253 pages.

Book Review

Treasure of the Blue Whale

by Karen Rigby

In the masterful novel "Treasure of the Blue Whale", snowballing secrecy and lies are counterbalanced by genuine community warmth. In Steven Mayfield’s bracing literary caper, "Treasure of the Blue Whale", a coastal town experiences a... Read More

Book Review

Zen-Brain Horizons

by Matt Sutherland

This freight train has been rounding the bend for, oh, several thousand years or so. Finally, neuroscience is building an indisputable body of data on the benefits of meditation, and those of you who always seek a doctor’s permission... Read More

Book Review

Outside In

by Sheila M. Trask

After one of his students dies, a teacher loses himself in sex, drugs, and rock and roll in this insightful coming-of-age story. Doug Cooper’s debut novel gets off to a stunning and unsettling start before becoming a more familiar,... Read More

Book Review

Until Brazil

by Diane Gardner

Economic theory, forbidden romance, and an international business trip don’t seem the most likely recipe for a juicy novel. But author Bethe Lee Moulton combines these ingredients, hoping for a savory treat that blends real sustenance... Read More

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