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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 250 pages.

Book Review

Old Love Skin

by Karen Rigby

OId Love Skin is an eye-opening poetry collection that is shaped by Africa’s inescapable past and that celebrates its rich multiplicities. "Old Love Skin", an egalitarian anthology edited by Nyashadzashe Chikumbu, introduces over fifty... Read More

Book Review

Tastes Better from Scratch Cookbook

by Ho Lin

Tastes Better from Scratch is a solid, meat-and-potatoes cookbook that will inspire cooks at all levels. Sometimes simple is best when it comes to food, as Lauren Allen’s Tastes Better from Scratch demonstrates. Allen specializes in... Read More

Book Review


by John M. Murray

In the musing science fiction novel "Geodysseus", a scientist races to uncover the truth about a vehicle that crashed in the desert. In Joe Costanzo’s science fiction novel "Geodysseus", a Death Valley find prompts fears of a Russian... Read More

Book Review

Eating Again

by Melissa Wuske

Alice Carbone Tench’s cookbook "Eating Again" couples delicious flavors with a deep sense of person and place. Tench began to cook as a means of recovering from eating disorders and her loss of identity as wife and mother. This book... Read More

Book Review

Vegan Recipes from Japan

by Karen Rigby

Informed by Kaiseki cuisine and Zen Buddhism, Malte Härtig’s "Vegan Recipes from Japan" is an elegant cookbook that reveres cooking rituals. Härtig writes: “Cooking with love. That’s the essence.” For him, minimalism is key in... Read More

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