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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 235 pages.

Book Review

Comeback Evolution

by Matt Sutherland

His talent unmistakable from the earliest days, Walter K. Delbridge was sidetracked by the civil rights movement, Vietnam draft, schizophrenia, and institutionalization—though his recovery was never a question, even while he labored in... Read More

Book Review

Plastic Girl

by Nancy Powell

"Plastic Girl" is a compelling cautionary tale set in a world where climate change has been taken to its logical extremes. In Jessica Maison’s young adult climate change novel "Plastic Girl", a teenager possesses the power to create... Read More

Book Review

A Single Happened Thing

by Meg Nola

Paisner deftly uses the technique of grounding otherworldly fiction in everyday reality. Daniel Paisner’s "A Single Happened Thing" is an engaging novel that weaves past and present with baseball and life, in a tone of surety and warm... Read More

Book Review


by Penny Hastings

True tale of abuse at the hands of tormentors at “drug rehab” house reads like a horror story. It is understandable if one is torn between reading Straightling: A Memoir in one sitting, and putting it down to hide under the bed... Read More

Book Review

Going Too Far

by Heather Weber

In his eleventh book of nonfiction, MacArthur Fellowship winner and media critic Ishmael Reed unleashes a fiery storm of criticism with a frenetic energy especially suited for to a critique that says our media culture has lost its mind.... Read More

Book Review

Red Phoenix Legend

by DeAnn G. Rossetti

With Kung Fu and magic, a young Chinese man finds his destiny and saves China from an evil despot in this debut mythological fantasy book by Lambert Cheung. A group of warriors called the Endeavor of Light, who worship the deity known as... Read More

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