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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 232 pages.

Book Review

This Fierce Blood

by Camille-Yvette Welsch

Malia Márquez’s intense multigenerational novel "This Fierce Blood" incorporates magical realism into its story of three women struggling with family and social expectations. In Vermont, Wilhemina marries Norwegian Johannes, rather... Read More

Book Review

Something Wonderful

by Kristen Rabe

The short stories collected in Jo Lloyd’s "Something Wonderful" are luminous, startling, and diverse. In them, characters search for meaning, value, and truth, often describing their circumstances with wry bluntness. In “Work,” a... Read More

Book Review

Stare at Me

by Kristine Morris

Joey Mullaney learned how to rough up an opponent on the football field before he could do long division. From the beginning, his sharp reflexes and outrageous goals made him a star on the sports field. But he took on a much more... Read More

Book Review

White Space

by Rebecca Hussey

Structured around a life-changing trip to Guatemala, Jennifer De Leon’s "White Space" is a lively collection of personal essays about becoming a writer and growing up the child of immigrants. When she was a teenager, De Leon’s father... Read More

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