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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 232 pages.

Book Review

Reflections on Mountaineering

by Jeana Jorgensen

"Reflections on Mountaineering" is a poetic love letter to the indomitable spirits of Earth’s peaks. Alan V. Goldman’s "Reflections on Mountaineering" considers every aspect of mountain climbing in poetic form, from triumphs to... Read More

Book Review

Just Enough

by Ho Lin

Azby Brown looks to the past to find future methods for sustainable living in "Just Enough". Centering his studies on Edo-era Japan, Brown focuses on the concept of the “circular economy,” in which resources are preserved and... Read More

Book Review

Daria's Secrets

by Mari Carlson

Daria’s Secrets is an intimate historical novel about a Holocaust survivor’s rituals, relationships, and emotional reckoning with her memories. In Jeff Ingber’s novel Daria’s Secrets, a Holocaust survivor faces her past with the... Read More

Book Review

It's Alive!

by Mari Carlson

Vibrant, surprising, and chaotic, the historical novel It’s Alive! brings old Hollywood to life. Julian David Stone’s historical novel It’s Alive! goes behind the scenes during the frantic days before the filming of the first... Read More

Book Review

Paradise Close

by Eileen Gonzalez

A troubled girl learns how to be a stable, contented woman in Lisa Russ Spaar’s novel "Paradise Close". After spending six months in a psychiatric institution, fourteen-year-old Marlise finds herself alone in Paradise Close, her family... Read More

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