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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 222 pages.

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Book Review

Miles Murphy

by Claire Foster

Sharp, self-aware honesty separates "Miles Murphy" from the pack. Philip Casale’s "Miles Murphy" is a heartwarming story that treads the well-worn turf of dog memoirs, telling the tale of a veterinarian’s friendship with his first,... Read More

Book Review

Mickey Maux Muddles a Murder

by Gary Presley

Fast moving and often fun, "Mickey Maux Muddles a Murder" is a puzzler that pleases. Philip Emma’s quirky mystery novel "Mickey Maux Muddles a Murder" follows a private detective as he investigates a double murder in his quiet... Read More

Book Review

The Dream Dancer

by Claire Rudy Foster

In Leslie Hachtel’s paranormal historical romance, dreams are permeable. On awakening, the dreamer carries the influence of the night before with him. Dream dancers can enter a dreamer’s mind and leave secret messages behind,... Read More

Book Review

Death of the Queen of Hearts

by Jill Allen

This delightful cross-genre story brings intrigue to the British royals. In "Death of the Queen of Hearts", Roman A. Clay crafts an engrossing story that deftly combines the genres of mystery and thriller while offering trenchant... Read More

Book Review

Walking Home

by Julia Ann Charpentier

Vivid imagery of the Appalachian terrain and wildlife allows the timid to live vicariously through this adventurous hiker. A middle-aged man embarks on a journey into the soul along the winding Appalachian Trail in this revealing look at... Read More

Book Review


by Julia Ann Charpentier

Opening in 1900 in the New Mexico Territory, with strategic stops on the way to 1977, every chapter packs a powerful punch or an uplifting message. Monetary success and the American dream remain elusive, intangible concepts in this story... Read More

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