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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 222 pages.

Book Review

Life and Other Complications

by Karen Rigby

In Heather Mullaly’s agonizing novel "Life and Other Complications", a teenager who lied about how she contracted HIV faces her past to reclaim her self-worth. Aly was once a member of the Children Living with Life Threatening... Read More

Book Review

The Vanishing Trial

by Danielle Ballantyne

Examining the causes and costs of dwindling jury trials in federal courts, "The Vanishing Trial" is a compelling glimpse behind the curtain of the courtroom. Brimming with courtroom drama and sobering statistics, Robert Katzberg’s "The... Read More

Book Review

Eddies of His Breath

by Jeremiah Rood

"Eddies of His Breath" is a narrative Christian spiritual commentary that does a good job of highlighting the less considered characters of the Bible. Eric Ribbens’s inspirational scriptural commentary "Eddies of His Breath" seeks to... Read More

Book Review

Augmented Mind

by Susan Waggoner

"Augmented Mind" is a realistic and exciting look at the future of digital technology. Alex Bates’s "Augmented Mind" is an encouraging and realistic look at the potential future of AI. The premise of this short, sound, and fascinating... Read More

Book Review

How to Carry Scars

by Mya Alexice

Dana Green’s "How to Carry Scars" is a poetic, intense meditation on what it means to be a daughter in a dangerous, hurtful world. This is the story of Olivia, a girl caught between circumstances. An obsession with photographs consumed... Read More

Book Review

Another Son

by Jeremiah Rood

"Another Son" is a spiritual parable that connects complicated questions with the lives of ordinary people. Kurtis Bell’s quirky modern parable "Another Son" mixes religious ideas with scientific thinking. The story takes a parabolic... Read More

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