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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 219 pages.

Book Review

Pressing Freedom

by John M. Murray

Propelled forward by looming threats, this thriller is packed with action and drama. A reporter enters a web of deception and corruption in "Pressing Freedom", a nested thriller from Roger Armbrust. Reeves Franklin, a retired Vietnam vet... Read More

Book Review


by Barry Silverstein

Following these wise recommendations will do much to help a person lead a rich and rewarding life. "Fulfilled!" by William Schiemann boasts comprehensive goal-oriented planning designed to help one lead a rich and rewarding life. Human... Read More

Book Review

Eyewitness to Murder

by Allyce Amidon

Hollywood publicist Joe Bernardi is back, in the ninth book of Peter S. Fischer’s eminently entertaining Hollywood Murder Mysteries series, "Eyewitness to Murder". The year is 1955, and Burt Lancaster and Harold Hecht want Joe to do... Read More

Book Review

Tree of Sighs

by S. Hope Mills

Altagracia Villalobos spends her childhood, the years before she becomes American Grace Thornberry, in the Mexican border town of Mesquite. "Tree of Sighs" is the story of Grace’s ever-changing identity and the journey that takes her... Read More

Book Review

Reasonable Atheism

by Elizabeth Breau

Contrary to what one might suspect, the authors of this “moral case for respectful disbelief” do not want to convince others to give up religion. Instead, they aim “to show that religious believers’ beliefs about atheists are... Read More

Book Review

Why We're Here

by Lisa Romeo

Themed anthologies strive to present a buffet, varied yet unified, so readers attracted by the overall idea can dig in and find, perhaps to their delight, that their favorite bites are sometimes not those they anticipated. Bob Cowser... Read More

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