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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 205 pages.

Book Review

Double Negative

by Karl Helicher

This thought-provoking novel about race incites discussion through spirited, well-crafted dialogue. A double negative, according to Teju Cole, the South African novelist who wrote the introduction to this engaging but at times... Read More

Book Review

Mistress of the Solstice

by Bradley A. Scott

"Mistress of the Solstice" is a superior fantasy novel with a strong flavor of romance and myth. The protagonists are both archetypically mythic and achingly human. Anna Kashina cooks up a captivating blend of ancient myth and modern... Read More

Book Review

20 Erotic Tales

by Emily Asad

“There should be a school for sex,” states the narrator of “Juicy,” one of the short stories in Robert Broadmind’s "20 Erotic Tales". In this collection of unrelated, gently told stories, lessons can happen to anyone, anytime,... Read More

Book Review

Three Sister Dragons

In a story that has many of the familiar hallmarks we have come to expect from fantasy novels —a brave teenage boy unaware of his destiny, an evil witch, orphans who have yet to realize their potential, a helpful wizard, and an... Read More

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