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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 202 pages.

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Book Review

War Stories

by Lillian Brown

J. J. Zerr has created a jumping-off point for anyone interested in the complexities of warfare, both at home and abroad. J. J. Zerr’s "War Stories" examines the multifaceted definition of war in a unique way that most collections skip... Read More

Book Review

The Frayed Ribbon

by Gary Presley

This story will give emotional depth to the complicated legal process of adoption. R. W. Hart’s "The Frayed Ribbon" is a feel-good story about a seemingly happily married woman whose childhood adoption leads to feelings of angst.... Read More

Book Review

Painting Central Park

by Matt Sutherland

No doubt, the question has been nagging at you for years: What is the finest work of art ever created in the United States? In 1862, Harper’s Monthly decided it was the 843 acres of Manhattan’s Central Park—using words like... Read More

Book Review


by Shannan Spitz

Ryan’s narrative successfully ebbs and flows with tension and ease, intrigue and clarity, with the characters and community coming to life. Sales of glycerine are up in the city of Calgary, and there are also reported thefts of... Read More

Book Review


by Michelle Anne Schingler

Skyscrapers is a satisfying, and often surprising, work of crime fiction. Jill Wilson Brennan’s novel, "Skyscrapers", is a fast-paced tale of corporate intrigue that weaves complicated family dynamics and social commentary into its... Read More

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