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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 198 pages.

Book Review

Autumn Rounds

by Meg Nola

In Jacques Poulin’s lyrical novel "Autumn Rounds", a Canadian bookmobile driver travels from Quebec City to the villages along the country’s northern shore. The Driver, as he calls himself, has an enduring love of books and a curious... Read More

Book Review


by Katerie Prior

"How." is a powerful guidebook for bringing ideas to life in challenging times. With the knowledge that everyone has ideas, but most struggle to bring them to life, R. Geoffrey Blackburn’s engaging, motivational self-improvement book... Read More

Book Review

Saint Paul Was Not Virgin Born

by Jeremiah Rood

Saint Paul was Not Virgin Born is compelling as it argues for putting Jesus back at the center of Christian life. Military chaplain Ronald Lee Cobb’s Saint Paul was Not Virgin Born is a theological argument for placing less emphasis on... Read More

Book Review

The Rescue of Demistrath

by Aimee Jodoin

"The Rescue of Demistrath" is an exciting fantasy novel that’s set in an expansive world where underdogs defend what’s right. In Rose Stauffer’s magical fairy tale "The Rescue of Demistrath", a young woman transforms from a... Read More

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