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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 194 pages.

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Book Review

Awaken the Pure Heart

by Melissa Wuske

"Awaken the Pure Heart" will help Muslims and religious omnivores develop self-awareness, empathy, sincerity, humility, personal responsibility, and dependence on God. Tallal Alie Turfe’s "Awaken the Pure Heart" is a guide to inner... Read More

Book Review


by Katie Asher

Written with clarity, experimentation, and obvious joy, "Murmurings" is inspirational, full of tiny flashes of simple beauty. Howard Giskin’s "Murmurings" is a hauntingly beautiful compilation. It includes poems, musings on the... Read More

Book Review

Chasing Wren's Tale

by Emily Casuccio

In this fast-paced volume, an exciting war between gods begins. J. A. Fales’s Chasing Wren’s Tale is a fast-paced, mysterious love story that delves into the complicated world of Norse mythology. Gunnolf Fenric is a Berserker Wolf... Read More

Book Review

Living Well

by Kristine Morris

It’s possible to reclaim your health by following simple, customizable, and enjoyable strategies, as this enthusiastic book shows. In Living Well: Six Pillars for Living Your Best Life, Greg Horn, a leader in the field of healthy... Read More

Book Review

Remember My Beauties

by John M. Murray

This is a lyrical, down-to-earth snapshot of a pocket of flawed humanity. "Remember My Beauties", by Lynne Hugo, chronicles the hauntingly poetic crumbling of a horse-breeding family as a woman struggles to cope with buried secrets,... Read More

Book Review

The Dead of Winter

by Catherine Thureson

This atmospheric horror novel offers pleasant chills to readers looking for a good, realistic scare. A. B. Gibson’s "The Dead of Winter" utilizes vivid settings and intriguing plot developments in the service of an often scary tale.... Read More

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