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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 194 pages.

Book Review

The Begonia Killer

by Michele Sharpe

Capturing the intensity of a search for missing children, "The Begonia Killer" interjects an element of romance into its propulsive mystery. Jeff Bond’s mystery novel "The Begonia Killer" combines an urgent search for missing children... Read More

Book Review

Desire-Intrusive Thoughts

by Jeremiah Rood

"Desire-Intrusive Thoughts" draws upon personal experiences with OCD to deliver professional advice about how to help others. Carol Edwards’s "Desire-Intrusive Thoughts" is a guidebook for mental health professionals looking to help... Read More

Book Review

Shine of the Ever

by Karen Rigby

In Claire Rudy Foster’s thirteen stories, collected in "Shine of the Ever", various characters—women adrift; transgender people who fear exposure; binary and nonbinary people—experience disquiet, fragile peace, naïvete, and... Read More

Book Review

My India My Canada

by Susan Waggoner

My India, My Canada is an absorbing memoir about a life divided between two countries—vast in their differences, but both loved. Nityanand Sharma’s memoir My India, My Canada recounts life divided between the Indian subcontinent and... Read More

Book Review

Skull and Pestle

by Letitia Montgomery-Rodgers

"Skull and Pestle", edited by Kate Wolford, gathers seven short stories that revive Baba Yaga’s legend, alternately retelling her original tale or transporting her through time and space to unexpected places. Women find Baba Yaga in... Read More

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