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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 192 pages.

Book Review

North of the Dead

by John M. Murray

Zombies prowl in "North of the Dead", a novel in which human beings work to survive at any cost. In Vince Salvatore’s thrilling novel "North of the Dead", a zombie outbreak in Canada forces an unlikely group to band together for... Read More

Book Review

Grace for Grace

by Aimee Jodoin

Its stories united by themes of finding a home, "Grace for Grace" is poetic and avante garde. Steve De Jarnatt’s short story collection "Grace for Grace" pairs imaginative literary language with flawed characters in obscure situations.... Read More

Book Review

Call Me Floy

by Camille-Yvette Welsch

“If there are to be stories about me, if I am to be a tameless girl, then let the story be mine,” says Florence “Floy” Hutchings in Joanna Cooke’s biographical novel "Call Me Floy". Headstrong, eleven-year-old Floy’s story is... Read More

Book Review

Music for Tigers

by Danielle Ballantyne

When Louisa is sent to her Uncle Rufus’s bush camp in Tasmania’s Tarkine forest—“the forest at the bottom of the world”—she is less than thrilled. She had intended to spend her summer practicing her violin audition for... Read More

Book Review

Short Stuff

by Tanisha Rule

Lighthearted romances kick off in "Short Stuff", a young adult LGBTQ+ anthology that raises the stakes with each story. In one entry, a girl comes out, but reels from her mother’s rejection of her; elsewhere, a character finds romance... Read More

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