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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 184 pages.

Book Review

The Ultimate Wealth

by Katerie Prior

"The Ultimate Wealth" is a gentle and approachable introduction to principles of positive thinking. Chen Gong Wah’s engaging and allegorical self-help text "The Ultimate Wealth" serves as a primer on the power of positivity. The... Read More

Book Review

Baby Bomb

by Kristen Rabe

"Baby Bomb" is a wise, entertaining, and compassionate relationship survival guide for new and expectant parents. While many parenting guides focus on infants and are geared toward raising healthy, well-adjusted children, "Baby Bomb"... Read More

Book Review

Eat Your Rice Cakes

by Michele Sharpe

"Eat Your Rice Cakes" is a practical health text that will be useful when it comes to identifying stumbling blocks to medical change. Written for patients and health care providers, Margaret Weiss’s personable health text "Eat Your... Read More

Book Review

The Math Kids

by Randi Hacker

In the entertaining middle grade mystery novel An Encrypted Clue, teamwork, brainwork, and generosity of spirit are fundamental to the solutions of more than just math problems. In David Cole’s chapter book An Encrypted Clue, a group... Read More

Book Review

Farthest South

by Peter Dabbene

Ethan Rutherford’s "Farthest South" is a spooky, sweet, wondrous short story collection. Rutherford’s stories possess undeniable darkness, and his collection maintains suspense throughout. But the thread that connects the stories is... Read More

Book Review

The Groundhog Forever

by Peter Dabbene

In Henry Hoke’s novel "The Groundhog Forever", characters search for answers to questions both trivial and existential. Two film students in early twenty-first-century Manhattan find themselves trapped in a time loop, repeating the... Read More

Book Review

Rabbit Island

by Rebecca Hussey

In Elvira Navarro’s story collection "Rabbit Island", dreams and reality blur. The stories are surreal and disorienting, exploring dark and strange corners of the mind. Of the collection’s eleven stories, the first fits in a... Read More

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