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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 184 pages.

Book Review


by Rebecca Foster

Looking back over his fifty-year career as a psychotherapist in California, David Richo notes that “one issue has come up with clients more often than any other: staying too long in what doesn’t work.” An opposite, but just as... Read More

Book Review

Until It Shimmers

by Ho Lin

"Until It Shimmers" is an involving novel about finding one’s place in the world. Alec Scott’s novel "Until It Shimmers" is about a man’s search for his true self—and his sexual awakening. Ned, the sheltered scion of a well-to-do... Read More

Book Review

The Math Kids

by Ho Lin

In the latest entry in David Cole’s Math Kids series, math whizzes Jordan, Justin, Stephanie, and Catherine are swept up in high-level intrigue as they unravel a particularly puzzling riddle. When the tale begins, the fifth-grade... Read More

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