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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 177 pages.

Book Review

Is It Well with Your Soul?

by Jeremiah Rood

The sermons collected in Is it Well with Your Soul? are designed to set America’s spirituality right. Bill Peters’s sermon collection Is it Well with Your Soul? declares that the US needs to restore its soul, one person at a time.... Read More

Book Review

Jacob's Descent

by Gary Presley

A whip-smart, tough-minded yet vulnerable female detective rumbling through a gritty environment makes for great entertainment. In her sixth Liv Bergen adventure, Sandra Brannan drops the young FBI agent into the middle of a complex... Read More

Book Review

A Shower of Roses

by Chris Fisher

“Do we have a purpose?” “Are we capable of unconditional love?” “What is God’s role in our lives?” These are the types of questions Tom Milton explores in his fifth novel "A Shower of Roses". But perhaps Milton’s most... Read More

Book Review

Tales of a Forensic Pathologist

As an occupation glamorized by medical and legal procedural TV shows, forensic pathology seems, to the casual observer, to be an exciting profession full of murders to be solved by clever scientists who find all the clues within the dead... Read More

Book Review

Murder Etouffee

Like a cold intoxicating hurricane slush on a hot summer day one can down Wilder’s "Murder Etouffee" in one sitting with all the exuberance of a tourist thirsty for the excitement of “Nawlins.” Oftentimes though a reader may devour... Read More

Book Review

Living Root

by George Cohen

Bialystok, Brooklyn, and Miami Beach—these are the cities brought to life in Living Root. Bialystok was the Russian-Polish city from which Heller’s grandfather, a rabbi and teacher, fled in 1911, leaving behind the pogroms and... Read More

Book Review

Roberts' Rules of Lesbian Dating

So what’s funny about lesbian dating? Probably nothing, concedes Shelly Roberts, if you’re the one who’s in the middle of it. A combination of sarcasm, satire and tongue-in-cheek wisdom, Roberts’ Rules is a pocket-sized poultice... Read More