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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 174 pages.

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Book Review

Grizzly Peak

by Rebecca Foster

Jonathan London’s "Grizzly Peak" is the third novel in the gripping Aaron’s Wilderness adventure series. Aaron has changed: he has quit sports, gotten into rap music, and let his grades slip. Then a teacher finds a Swiss Army knife... Read More

Book Review


by Claire Foster

In a text that is clear and accessible, Anteyi examines who Jesus was by taking a close look at the Bible. In Jesus: His Words and Deeds, Alexander Anteyi sheds light on Jesus’s true nature through a careful examination of the New... Read More

Book Review

Horses Cry

by Renate Childs

Rodeo details make for an evocative and convincing story. Tony May’s fast-paced tale of love and intrigue, "Horses Cry", delves into the life of Spud Murphy as he tries to continue “living the rodeo dream” despite the forces... Read More

Book Review

Lover in the Nobody

by Lynn Evarts

A mentally ill man wrestles with his fetishes and inner demons in a novel that goes to extremes. Jonathan Harnisch’s "Lover in the Nobody" is a cross between intense sadomasochistic erotica and a psychological memoir, complete with... Read More

Book Review

Love and Happiness

by Natasha Gilmore

Werner and Lee present a thoughtful and expansive consideration of love throughout the ages as depicted in various works of literature. Love and Happiness: Eros According to Dante, Shakespeare, Jane Austen, and the Reverend Al Green is... Read More

Book Review

Finding Myself

by Kaavonia Hinton

This author’s bravery and generosity in the sharing of her experiences with abuse and alcoholism are encouraging to those who have gone through similar struggles. "Finding Myself" is a testament to ignoring the ego and focusing on... Read More

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