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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 160 pages.

Book Review

Forking Good

by Michelle Anne Schingler

Are its tempting dishes heavenly, or simply bound to land you in caloric hell? Don’t let such arbitrary diametrics detract you from picking up Valya Dudycz Lupescu and Stephen H. Segal’s "Forking Good", a quippy, watch-party-minded... Read More

Book Review

Breathing as Spiritual Practice

by Karen Rigby

On a ten-day retreat at a Benedictine monastery, Will Johnson explored breathing as a way to sense God. The result is "Breathing as Spiritual Practice", a personal wellness guide that takes an ecumenical view and encourages meditative... Read More

Book Review


by Kristine Morris

Calling the belief that people are fully in charge of their feelings a “dangerous illusion,” David Richo’s "Triggers" is about disarming the words, people, thoughts, and events that are hot-wired to negative responses and turning... Read More

Book Review

Saltbox Seafood Joint Cookbook

by Rachel Jagareski

Ricky Moore’s "Saltbox Seafood Joint Cookbook" is a tasty compilation of recipes and information about traditional North Carolina foodways with helpful guidance for selecting, prepping, and cooking fresh fish and shellfish. Reflecting... Read More

Book Review


by Jessie Horness

Full of camp and character, Firefly: The Big Damn Cookbook will be a delight to any fan of this cult favorite. Featuring big, beautiful, glossy production stills mingling with appetite-arousing full-page food shots, this cookbook from... Read More

Book Review

The Siege of Sarajevo

by Joe Taylor

Blending personal experiences, letters, and news stories, Sanja Kulenovic’s memoir captures courage and resilience during the danger and displacement of Sarajevo in the 1990s. While honeymooning in Southern California in 1992, Sanja... Read More

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