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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 136 pages.

Book Review


by Peter Dabbene

Three art thieves risk the biggest heist of their careers in the charming, exciting graphic novel "Olympia". Alex and Sam, absent their companion Carole, are planning to steal a valuable helmet from an army museum. They think Carole is... Read More

Book Review

Government 2.0

by Eileen Gonzalez

"Government 2.0" is a political science manifesto about how America’s government can best serve its citizens. Joseph Albert Gorski’s "Government 2.0" is a personal statement about what’s wrong with the US’s government; it... Read More

Book Review

You Better Be Lightning

by Matt Sutherland

When performing their poetry, sung on high stage, an ancient power is unleashed and listeners look to Andrea Gibson as divine. The first winner of the Women’s World Poetry Slam, Gibson is the queer author of How Poetry Can Change Your... Read More

Book Review

Migratory Birds

by Julia Rittenberg

Part memoir, part history, and part travelogue, "Migratory Birds" explores the vicissitudes of language. Mariana Oliver touches down in various times and places, showing how people described their difficulties there and then, and... Read More

Book Review

It's In Our Nature

by Ho Lin

It’s In Our Nature is an entertaining fantasy novel with strong roots in Black American culture. Jacqueline T. Small’s fantasy novel It’s In Our Nature focuses on a family whose members are gifted in the occult. The La Magies are... Read More

Book Review

Stop Drifting

by Edith Wairimu

"Stop Drifting" is an engaging self-help guide that suggests steps for developing positive personal and business mindsets. David R. Ibarra’s concise business guide "Stop Drifting" forwards practical advice for transforming lackluster... Read More

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