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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 113 pages.

Book Review

The Oasis of Filth

by Lori A. May

Otherworldly elements grounded in reality bring an eerie atmosphere to this dystopian medical thriller. With "The Oasis of Filth", debut novelist Keith Soares has crafted a terror-filled tale of illness, outbreak, and hysteria. Told from... Read More

Book Review

The Love Scrolls

By day Edward Theodore Hayes of New Jersey works as a retail manager in a national department store. Otherwise he toils diligently as a poet having authored four books in the Love Scroll series. This slim volume The Unsearchable Title is... Read More

Book Review

The Lace Dowry

by Johanna Massé

In this novella, it is a truth universally acknowledged that a single woman in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a dowry. Unfortunately, Juli wants to be alone with her books, and thinks that amassing household goods for a... Read More

Book Review

All of Scandanavian Cooking

by Nicole Mitchell

One of only a few books on the subject Sofie Michelsen’s All of Scandinavian Cooking is a self-published collection of Scandinavian recipes. The author who studies business and economics at Sweden’s Lund University begins with a... Read More

Book Review

Peony in Adoration

by Christine Thomas

Unlike long form prose, poetry demands that the eyes slow and the mind calms, engaging beyond content and plot and instead at the level of diction, sound, and rhythm. Kurtz, whose poetry has appeared in the St. Linus Review, asks of her... Read More

Book Review

Hoodoo Medicine

by Joyce Wardwell

In relatively few pages, this book tackles an extraordinarily involved question: How does a culture develop its unique approach to healing? Author and medical anthropologist Mitchell provides us with insights by examining the medicinal... Read More