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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 110 pages.

Book Review

Beeble's Story

by Delia Stanley

Beeble’s Story is a sweet animal tale narrated by a sentimental and beloved horse. Jill Cawsey’s Beeble’s Story is a love letter to equine culture and to the relationships developed between horses and humans. Beeble and Praze are... Read More

Book Review

Ghost Riders of Cumberland Gap

by Nancy Powell

"Ghost Riders of Cumberland Gap" is thoughtful when tackling both its historical subject matter and adolescent concerns. In Ron Chandler’s coming-of-age novel "Ghost Riders of Cumberland Gap", chronically ill teenagers travel through... Read More

Book Review

One Tough Cat

by Andrea Hammer

Cat friends will take the greatest pleasure in pouncing on this tasty treat. Melanie Moye’s One Tough Cat: An Animal Tale for Adults is clever, humorous, and marked with complete originality. Told from a feline viewpoint, this... Read More

Book Review

Towards a Prairie Atonement

by Scott Neuffer

Naturalist Trevor Herriot makes a passionate and beautiful plea for reconciliation in "Towards a Prairie Atonement", a short but powerful meditation on the future of Saskatchewan’s native prairie lands. The book alternates between... Read More

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