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Here are all of the hardcover books we've reviewed.

Book Review


by Meg Nola

Melissa Thompson’s enticing Jamaican-inspired cookbook "Motherland" combines a solemn history of the Caribbean island nation with notes about its delicious food and spirited reputation. The daughter of a Jamaican father and Maltese... Read More

Book Review

Klippe the Viking

by Sriya Narayanan

Through relatable situations, the picture book "Klippe the Viking" encourages the verbalization of difficult feelings. In Bjorn Fyrre’s picture book "Klippe the Viking", a little girl grapples with big feelings. Through uplifting... Read More

Book Review

Light Waves

by Rachel Jagareski

A work of photographic alchemy, "Light Waves" is an impressive collection that showcases the dramatic, shifting natural wonder that is Lake Superior. Years of kayaking along the shores of Lake Superior, sometimes for weeks at a time, are... Read More

Book Review

Late Wonders

by Matt Sutherland

Not all poets are storytellers, not even close, but all of them wish they were, wish they had a better understanding of how words and images bind spells. Wesley McNair is the author of nine collections of stories in the shape of poems.... Read More

Book Review

Best Test

by Michelle Anne Schingler

A big, ripe, juicy red strawberry catches the eyes of all of the forest creatures; they all think they deserve it most. To determine who is most worthy, they initiate a relay race, competing on points both physical and artistic. Beyond... Read More

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