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Here are all of the hardcover books we've reviewed.

Book Review

Beyond Fear

by Benjamin Welton

"Beyond Fear" is fascinating tell-all memoir that covers a rare victory over the medical industrial complex. Ted Giovanis’s informative memoir "Beyond Fear" is about taking on the US government and its dizzying medical power. Born in... Read More

Book Review


by Rachel Jagareski

To inspire social awareness, the photographs of "Moment" share “a view of the world through a different angle.” Robert Abad’s photography collection "Moment" draws on an extensive, thirty-year archive of travel photographs. Its... Read More

Book Review

When Snow Walks In

by George Hajjar

The accessible poetry collection "When Snow Walks In" includes entries that are both literary and personal. Christine Candland’s powerful poetry collection "When Snow Walks In" is optimistic, even about unpleasant experiences. Often... Read More

Book Review

The Secrets We Hold

by Michelle Anne Schingler

The young adult novel "The Secrets We Hold" rides emotional highs as two outwardly mismatched teenagers try to grow past their mistakes. A transfer student faces intense bullying in Keira Forde’s cinematic young adult novel "The... Read More

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