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Here are all of the hardcover books we've reviewed.

Book Review

Vegan Pasta

by Rachel Jagareski

Clémence Catz’s "Vegan Pasta" includes fifty creative, eye-popping recipes to inspire your next meal. With punchy updates of classic Italian pasta sauces and tantalizing new flavor combinations for every season, the book’s emphasis... Read More

Book Review

Giant Island

by Danielle Ballantyne

Surrounded by wisps of seaweed and schools of glimmering fish rests Giant Island: a collection of craggy rocks on which a small copse of trees grows. As Grandpa casts his line, the children take to exploring, discovering the... Read More

Book Review

Who Stole My Leg?

by Danielle Ballantyne

Bright-colored illustrations reminiscent of children’s cartoons reflect the humor and charm of this story (available in both English and Spanish) about a pirate captain with a wandering peg leg. Captain Grislygrin is feared by his... Read More

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