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Here are all of the hardcover books we've reviewed.

Book Review

And a Book

by George Hajjar

The book-within-a-book picture book "And a Book" opens the door to a magical world. Michael Molinet’s informative and engaging picture book "And a Book" explores children’s literature through dueling illustrations. The book is... Read More

Book Review

Toot Fairy

by Aimee Jodoin

"Toot Fairy" is an entertaining picture book with a kind message about succeeding in spite of imperfections. A lactose intolerant tooth fairy in training learns that differences can lead to success in Brian W. Donnelly’s uproarious... Read More

Book Review

Light out of Darkness

by Mari Carlson

The didactic novel Light Out of Darkness advertises positive messages based on a woman’s successful pursuit of personal freedom. In Rose Mayer’s based-in-truth novel Light Out of Darkness, a Zimbabwean wife achieves freedom in... Read More

Book Review

A Step Too Far

by Delia Stanley

In the dramatic novel "A Step Too Far", both love and hate are motivating forces. In Joanna North’s psychological thriller "A Step Too Far", an aggressive child grows up to wreak havoc on his family. After years of compliance and... Read More

Book Review

Prey of the Falcon

by Philip Zozzaro

"Prey of the Falcon" is a compelling thriller in which terrorists find a new way to strike at old enemies. In Len Camarda’s thriller "Prey of the Falcon", a kidnapping advances terrorist plots to a higher level. Best friends Paz and... Read More

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