Foreword Reviews

Full List of 2013 Foreword INDIES Winners

Adult Fiction

Action & Adventure
Gold: The Mountain Place of Knowledge (978-1-4935-5435-5) by Marshall Chamberlain, The Grace Publishing Group
Silver: Nephilim Awakening (978-1-4905-0603-6) by Henry R. Yarghn, CreateSpace
Bronze: The Brotherhood Conspiracy (978-0-8254-4317-6) by Terry Brennan, Kregel Publications
Honorable Mention: The Third Option (978-0-9859358-4-9) by Ben A. Sharpton, Belle Isle Books
Gold: Dead of Knight (978-1-62015-156-3) by Nicole J. Persun, Booktrope Editions
Silver: The Curse Giver (978-1-60619-289-4) by Dora Machado, Twilight Times Books
Bronze: The Last Stratiote (978-0-9826875-8-1) by LeAnn Neal Reilly, Zephon Books
Gay & Lesbian
Gold: The Rebellion of Miss Lucy Ann Lobdell (978-1-60832-562-7) by William Klaber, Greenleaf Book Group
Silver: Giraffe People (978-1-61294-039-7) by Jill Malone, Bywater Books
Bronze: The Butterfly Lady (978-1-939675-00-2) by Danny M. Hoey, Jr., Flaming Giblet Press
Honorable Mention: The Supernatural Detective (978-1-60282-861-2) by Crin Claxton, Bold Strokes Books
Gold: Clear Lake (978-1-938314-40-7) by Nan Fink Gefen, She Writes Press
Silver: The Rockin' Chair (978-1-61188-067-0) by Steven Manchester, The Story Plant
Bronze: We (978-1-60381-166-8) by Michael Landweber, Coffeetown Press
Honorable Mention: Waiting in Deep (978-1-63004-939-3) by Sandi Morgan Denkers, PublishAmerica
Gold: The Conduct of Saints (978-1-57962-315-9) by Christopher Davis, The Permanent Press
Silver: March With Me (978-0-9792375-5-3) by Rosalie T. Turner, Cypress Creek Publishing
Bronze: Silent We Stood (978-0-89672-832-5) by Henry Chappell, Texas Tech University Press
Honorable Mention: In Golden Splendor (978-1-4336-7820-2) by Michael K. Reynolds, B&H Publishing
Gold: Bloom (978-1-4827-0209-5) by Martin Kee, Kellye Parish (editor), and Angela Meadon (editor), Martin Kee
Silver: Lost In The Wash (978-0-9766053-9-3) by John Ira Thomas and Will Grant (illustrator), Candle Light Press
Bronze: Night Chill (978-0-615-82838-1) by Jeff Gunhus, Seven Guns Press
Honorable Mention: Stillwell (978-1-4841-9609-0) by Michael Phillip Cash, Chelshire Inc.
Gold: A History of Stone and Steel (978-0-9886974-0-9) by Christopher Fisher, Resurgent Books
Silver: Liliane's Balcony (978-0-9887645-3-8) by Kelcey Parker, Rose Metal Press
Bronze: Playing the Angel (978-1-62288-023-2) by Kenneth Womack, Stephen F. Austin State University Press
Honorable Mention: Sea of Hooks (978-1-62054-006-0) by Lindsay Hill, McPherson and Company
Gold: A Bit of Difference (978-1-56656-892-0) by Sefi Atta, Interlink Publishing Group
Silver: The Voices of Heaven (978-1-62412-003-9) by Maija Rhee Devine, Seoul Selection USA
Bronze: Signal Peak (978-0-615-90470-2) by David Edward Walker, Thoughtful Publishing Company
Honorable Mention: If I Never Went Home (978-0-9926977-2-3) by Ingrid Persaud, Blue China Press
Gold: As She Left It (978-0-7387-3677-8) by Catriona McPherson, Midnight Ink
Silver: Deadly Misfortune (978-1-4811-6673-7) by Dianne Greenlay, CreateSpace
Bronze: The Silence of the Wave (978-0-8478-4125-7) by Gianrico Carofiglio and Howard Curtis (translator), Rizzoli
Honorable Mention: Noah's Rainy Day (978-1-62634-017-6) by Sandra Brannan, Greenleaf Book Group
Gold: Shadow of the Piper (978-1-935375-02-9) by L. P. Hoffman, Hope Springs Media
Silver: Invisible (978-1-4336-7168-5) by Ginny Yttrup, B&H Publishing
Bronze: The Jericho Deception (978-1-933512-44-0) by Jeffrey Small, West Hills Press
Honorable Mention: When the Morning Glory Blooms (978-1-4267-3543-1) by Cynthia Ruchti, Abingdon Press
Gold: Longing for Home (978-1-60907-461-6) by Sarah M. Eden, Shadow Mountain
Silver: Blackmoore (978-1-60907-460-9) by Julianne Donaldson, Shadow Mountain
Bronze: A Sinner in Paradise (978-1-61153-057-5) by Deborah Hining, Light Messages Publishing
Honorable Mention: Dark Secret Love (978-1-57344-956-4) by Alison Tyler, Cleis Press
Science Fiction
Gold: Brittle Star (978-0-9889248-1-9) by Rod Val Moore, What Books Press
Silver: The Methuselah Strain (978-1-4918-0823-8) by J. P. Helak, AuthorHouse
Bronze: The Anomaly (978-1-937338-02-2) by Wendy Joyce, Capitol Electronic Reporting
Honorable Mention: Future Prometheus (978-1-4787-0418-8) by J. M. Erickson, Stacee Gravelle Lawrence (editor), and Cathy Helms (designer), Outskirts Press
Short Stories
Editor's Choice Prize Fiction: Three Scenarios in Which Hana Sasaki Grows a Tail (978-0-9892759-1-0) by Kelly Luce, A Strange Object
Gold: Little Raw Souls (978-1-932870-65-7) by Steven Schwartz, Autumn House
Silver: Boulevard Women (978-1-886157-90-3) by Lauren Cobb, BkMk Press, University of Missouri-Kansas City
Bronze: A House Too Small (978-0-89672-795-3) by Ezra Hirschmann, Texas Tech University Press
Honorable Mention: The Woodpecker Menace (978-0-9848400-3-8) by Ted Olinger and Tweed Meyer (illustrator), Plicata Press
Thriller & Suspense
Gold: Utopia, Texas (978-1-60832-416-3) by Michael E Glasscock III, Greenleaf Book Group
Silver: Cartilage and Skin (978-1-938603-18-1) by Michael James Rizza, Starcherone
Bronze: Happy Utopia Day, Joe McCarthy (978-1-937110-53-6) by J.T. Lundy, Emerald Book Company
Honorable Mention: The Price of Innocence (978-0-9852413-3-9) by Bryan Devore, Bryan Devore
Gold: Sandalwood Death (978-0-8061-4339-2) by Mo Yan and Howard Goldblatt (translator), University of Oklahoma Press
Silver: Beowulf (978-1-4912-5018-1) by Gerald J. Davis (translator), Insignia Publishing
War & Military
Gold: Flashes of War (978-1-934074-85-5) by Katey Schultz, Loyola University's Apprentice House
Silver: Time Fall (978-1-939990-15-0) by Timothy Ashby, Author Planet Press
Bronze: The Voices of Heaven (978-1-62412-003-9) by Maija Rhee Devine, Seoul Selection USA
Honorable Mention: Of Souls and Patriots (978-1-4908-1183-3) by Stan Poel, WestBow Press

Adult Nonfiction

Adventure & Recreation
Gold: The Expedition Book 2 (978-0-9849155-1-4) by Jason Lewis and Tammie Stevens (editor), BillyFish Books
Silver: Ole! (978-1-61766-242-3) by Hal Marcovitz (editor), 4 Square Books
Bronze: I Promise Not to Suffer (978-1-59485-745-4) by Gail D. Storey, Mountaineers Books
Honorable Mention: Paddling to Winter (978-0-9835189-2-1) by Julie Buckles, Raven Productions
Gold: Fried Walleye and Cherry Pie (978-0-8032-3645-5) by Peggy Wolff (editor), University of Nebraska Press
Silver: Friend. Follow. Text. (978-1-926531-80-9) by Shawn Syms (editor), Enfield and Wizenty
Bronze: Goodbye to All That (978-1-58005-494-2) by Sari Botton (editor), Seal Press
Honorable Mention: Paper Dreams (978-0-9840405-7-5) by Travis Kurowski (editor), Atticus Books
Gold: American Ski Resort (978-0-8061-4295-1) by Margaret Supplee Smith, University of Oklahoma Press
Silver: Great Houses of Summit Avenue and the Hill District (978-0-9892627-0-5) by Bette Hammel, Melinda Nelson, Dave Kenney, Paul Clifford Larson, Karen Melvin (photographer), and Garrison Keillor (contributor), Big Picture Press
Bronze: Columbia University in Pictures (978-0-9886697-0-3) by Lenny Pridatko (author, photographer), Luminance Press
Gold: Irving Harper (978-0-8478-4001-4) by Michael Maharam (editor) and Julie Lasky (contributor), Rizzoli
Silver: Ralph Steadman (978-1-62326-021-7) by Ralph Steadman and Steve Crist (editor), AMMO Books
Bronze: An Opening of the Field (978-0-7649-6582-1) by Michael Duncan, Christopher Wagstaff, James Maynard (contributor), and William Breazeale (contributor), Pomegranate Communications
Honorable Mention: Exuberance of Meaning (978-0-915977-81-9) by Asen Kirin and Scott Ruby, Georgia Museum of Art
Autobiography & Memoir
Gold: Bleeder (978-1-61186-069-6) by Shelby Smoak, Michigan State University Press
Silver: Where Excuses Go to Die (978-0-9885736-0-4) by John Espinosa Nelson, Highrise Press
Bronze: From Kristallnacht to Watergate (978-1-4384-4917-3) by Harry Rosenfeld, SUNY Press/Excelsior Editions
Honorable Mention: This Is How I Save My Life (978-0-9884988-0-8) by Amy B. Scher, Lightning Source
Gold: The Many Lives of Miss K (978-0-8478-4129-5) by Jean-Noel Liaut and Denise Jacobs (translator), Rizzoli
Silver: Mud Creek Medicine (978-1-935497-73-8) by Kiran Bharaju, Butler Books
Bronze: Called to the Fire (978-1-4267-5328-2) by Chet Bush, Abingdon Press
Honorable Mention: The Man Who Seduced Hollywood (978-1-61374-579-3) by B. James Gladstone, Chicago Review Press
Body, Mind & Spirit
Gold: Sheltered in the Heart (978-1-938846-10-6) by Gunilla Norris, Homebound Publications
Silver: Warrior Pose (978-1-937856-69-4) by Brad Willis aka Bhava Ram, BenBella
Bronze: Polishing the Mirror (978-1-60407-967-8) by Ram Dass and Rameshwar Das (contributor), Sounds True
Honorable Mention: Do Not Go Quietly (978-1-4019-4249-6) by George Cappannelli and Sedena Cappannelli, Agape Media International
Business & Economics
Gold: Smile (978-0-9850762-3-8) by Kirt Manecke, Solid Press
Silver: Playing To Win (978-1-4221-8739-5) by A.G. Lafley and Roger L. Martin, Harvard Business Review Press
Bronze: Would YOU Want to Work for YOU? (978-0-9825353-5-6) by Brenda Bence, Global Insight Communications
Honorable Mention: The Sustainable Nonprofit (978-0-9849752-0-4) by Debbie Wilde, John Mayling (editor), and Denise Reynolds (illustrator), Canyon Creek Press
Gold: Student Federal Career Guide (978-0-9846671-6-1) by Kathryn Troutman and Paul Binkley, The Resume Place
Silver: Personality Power (978-0-8144-2123-9) by Shoya Zichy and Ann Bidou, AMACOM/American Management Association
Bronze: Your Future Is Calling (978-0-9893887-1-9) by Mike Echols, Human Capital
Honorable Mention: Congratulations -- You Just Got Hired (978-1-4819-4429-8) by Robert L. Deitz, CreateSpace
Gold: An American Family Cooks (978-1-59962-124-1) by Judith Choate, Michael Choate (contributor), and Christopher Choate (contributor), Welcome Books
Silver: The Food of Vietnam (978-1-74270-620-7) by Luke Nguyen, Hardie Grant Books
Bronze: Summerland (978-0-8478-4131-8) by Anne Quatrano, Rizzoli
Honorable Mention: The Yogurt Cookbook (978-1-56656-861-6) by Arto der Haroutunian, Interlink Publishing Group
Crafts & Hobbies
Gold: Making Art a Practice (978-1-84409-607-7) by Cat Bennett, Findhorn Press
Silver: Brick City (978-1-4380-0249-1) by Warren Elsmore, Barron's Educational Series
Bronze: On Folded Wings (978-1-879384-79-8) by Michael Weinstein, Cypress House
Honorable Mention: First-Time Machine Applique (978-1-935726-34-0) by Janet Pittman, Landauer Publishing
Ecology & Environment
Gold: A Natural History of the Central Appalachians (978-1-933202-68-6) by Steven L. Stephenson, West Virginia University Press
Silver: Banned on the Hill (978-0-9916961-0-9) by Franke James, The James Gang
Bronze: Salmon, People, and Place (978-0-87071-724-6) by Jim Lichatowich, Oregon State University Press
Honorable Mention: Sharing the Earth (978-0-615-84554-8) by Martin Adams, Sharing the Earth Media
Gold: American Teacher (978-1-59962-127-2) by Katrina Fried, Welcome Books
Silver: From Tired to Inspired (978-1-936764-37-2) by Mary Kim Schreck, Solution Tree Press
Bronze: Girls Without Limits (978-1-4522-4121-0) by Lisa Hinkelman, Corwin
Honorable Mention: Reaching and Teaching Students in Poverty (978-0-8077-5457-3) by Paul Gorski, Teachers College Press
Gold: The Pigheaded Soul (978-0-88984-368-4) by Jason Guriel, The Porcupine's Quill
Silver: Folds in the Map (978-0-615-89125-5) by Jeff Bauer, Inciteful Press
Bronze: Body Geographic (978-0-8032-3985-2) by Barrie Jean Borich, University of Nebraska Press
Honorable Mention: Possibility (978-1-936747-54-2) by Patricia Vigderman, Sarabande Books
Family & Relationships
Gold: The Sandwich Generation's Guide to Eldercare (978-1-936303-43-4) by Kimberly Wickert, MRC, CRC, Danielle Schultz Dresden, MEd, CRC, and Phillip D. Rumrill, Jr., Phd, CRC, Demos Health
Silver: Getting to 50/50 (978-1-936740-58-1) by Sharon Meers and Joanna Strober, Viva Editions
Bronze: Get Your Kids Hiking (978-0-8253-0691-4) by Jeff Alt, Beaufort Books
Honorable Mention: Sex, Drugs, 'n Facebook (978-0-89793-659-0) by Megan Moreno, Hunter House Publishers
Honorable Mention: The Other Talk (978-0-07-183098-0) by Tim Prosch, McGraw-Hill
Gold: Four Quadrant Living (978-1-939288-22-6) by Dina Colman, Four Quadrant Media, An Imprint of Wyatt-MacKenzie
Silver: Malignant (978-0-520-27657-4) by S. Lochlann Jain, University of California Press
Bronze: The Primal Connection (978-0-9847551-0-3) by Mark Sisson, Primal Blueprint Publishing
Honorable Mention: Becoming Vegan (978-1-57067-295-8) by Brenda Davis and Vesanto Melina , Book Publishing Company
Gold: Pere Marie-Benoit and Jewish Rescue (978-0-253-00853-4) by Susan Zuccotti, Indiana University Press
Silver: The Killer Detail (978-2-08020153-9) by Elisabeth Quin and Francois Armanet, Flammarion
Bronze: The Reach of Rome (978-0-8478-4128-8) by Alberto Angela and Gregory Conti (translator), Rizzoli
Honorable Mention: Greetings from Canada (978-1-926991-17-7) by Jan Krijff and Karen Green, Granville Island Publishing
Home & Garden
Gold: The New American Front Yard (978-0-9831587-1-4) by Sarah Carolyn Sutton (author, photographer) and Karin Hoffman (designer), Tendril Press
Silver: Expert Companions: Household (978-1-60710-723-1) by Sarah Baker, Thunder Bay Press
Bronze: The Asperkid's Launch Pad (978-1-84905-931-2) by Jennifer Cook O'Toole, Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Honorable Mention: Classical Interiors (978-0-8478-4099-1) by Elizabeth Meredith Dowling, David Watkin (contributor), Carol Hvrol Flores (contributor), and Richard Sammons (contributor), Rizzoli
Gold: Death by Children (978-1-893121-99-7) by Christopher "Bull" Garlington, Everything Goes Media
Silver: Viva Laughter! (978-1-4787-1102-5) by Patrick Shannon, Outskirts Press
Bronze: Rumble Yell (978-0-9856635-1-3) by Brian David Bruns, World Waters
Gold: The Cougar (978-1-77162-002-4) by Paula Wild, Douglas & McIntyre
Silver: Nature’s Paradise (978-0-9838132-0-0) by Douglas Goodell and Marco T. Saborío, Nature Arts Press
Bronze: Conversations with Barry Lopez (978-0-8061-4407-8) by William E. Tydeman, University of Oklahoma Press
Honorable Mention: Land of Enchantment Wildflowers (978-0-89672-822-6) by Willa F. Finley and LaShara J. Nieland, Texas Tech University Press
Honorable Mention: Wild (978-0-86713-157-4) by Flick Ford, Greenwich Workshop
Performing Arts & Music
Gold: The Noise Beneath the Apple (978-0-9889517-0-9) by Heather Jacks, Heather Jacks
Silver: Acoustic Stories (978-1-928578-12-3) by Bill Amatneek, Vineyards Press
Bronze: Cowboy Stuntman (978-0-89672-789-2) by Dean Smith and Mike Cox, Texas Tech University Press
Honorable Mention: The Rhino Records Story (978-1-59079-128-8) by Harold Bronson, SelectBooks
Gold: People Training for Good Dogs (978-1-938908-30-9) by Melissa Berryman, iUniverse
Silver: Walking Magpie (978-1-938086-11-3) by Chuck Forsman, George F. Thompson Publishing
Bronze: Ruby's Road (978-1-934690-67-3) by Patrick Bettendorf, Tasora
Gold: If A Then B (978-0-231-16105-3) by Michael Shenefelt and Heidi White, Columbia University Press
Silver: Jack Chambers' Red and Green (978-0-88984-360-8) by Tom Smart, The Porcupine's Quill
Bronze: Souls Exist (978-1-62137-314-8) by Richard Schain, Vitrual Bookworm
Honorable Mention: Rational Polemics (978-1-4327-9880-2) by Richard Todd Devens, Outskirts Press
Editor's Choice Prize Nonfiction: She Who Tells a Story (978-0-87846-804-1) by Kristen Gresh and Michket Krifa (contributor), MFA Publications
Gold: The Photography of Modernist Cuisine (978-0-9827610-2-1) by Nathan Myrhvold, The Cooking Lab
Silver: Woody Guthrie's Wardy Forty (978-0-9897521-0-7) by Phillip Buehler (author, photographer), Woody Guthrie, Steven Brower (designer, editor), and Nora Guthrie (editor), Woody Guthrie Publications
Bronze: India: In Word and Image, Revised, Expanded and Updated (978-1-59962-128-9) by Eric Meola (photographer), Welcome Books
Honorable Mention: Crossing Ethiopia (978-0-9830622-8-8) by John Snyder (author, photographer) and Elizabeth DiPalma, Wayback Publications
Gold: Alice's Sister (978-1-62549-038-4) by Jessica Young, Turning Point
Gold: Practicing to Walk like a Heron (978-0-8143-3453-9) by Jack Ridl, Wayne State University Press
Silver: Earth Again (978-0-8143-3729-5) by Chris Dombrowski, Wayne State University Press
Silver: Hum (978-1-938584-02-2) by Jamaal May, Carey Salerno (editor), and Pamela A. Consolazio (designer), Alice James Books
Bronze: In the Kingdom of the Ditch (978-1-61186-070-2) by Todd Davis, Michigan State University Press
Bronze: The Devil's Grinder (978-1-930972-81-0) by Mircea Ionescu-Quintus, Paula Console-Soiçan (translator), and Cyrus Console-Soiçan (translator), Parmenides Publishing
Honorable Mention: The Glacier's Wake (978-0-8071-5200-3) by Katy Didden, Pleiades Press
Political Science
Gold: The Thistle and the Drone (978-0-8157-2378-3) by Akbar Ahmed, Brookings Institution Press
Silver: A Government of Wolves (978-1-59079-975-8) by John W. Whitehead, SelectBooks
Bronze: The Metropolitan Revolution (978-0-8157-2151-2) by Bruce Katz and Jennifer Bradley, Brookings Institution Press
Honorable Mention: Democracy in Latin America (978-0-268-01972-3) by Ignacio Walker, University of Notre Dame Press
Popular Culture
Gold: The Book of Nice (978-0-7611-7294-9) by Josh Chetwynd and Phil McAndrew (illustrator), Workman Publishing
Silver: iGods (978-1-58743-344-3) by Craig Detweiler, Brazos Press
Bronze: The Relevance of Reason (978-0-9893996-3-0) by Mack W. Borgen, Brody and Schmitt Publishers
Honorable Mention: The Legend of Zelda (978-1-61655-041-7) by Shigeru Miyamoto, Eiji Aonuma, and Akira Himekawa, Dark Horse Comics
Gold: Depression and Your Child (978-1-4422-2145-1) by Deborah Serani, Rowman and Littlefield
Gold: Take Charge of Your Life (978-1-938908-32-3) by William Glasser, iUniverse
Silver: Sexuality and Dementia (978-1-936303-55-7) by Douglas Wornell, Demos Health
Bronze: Obscene Thoughts (978-1-4792-0306-2) by Dave Pounder, W. B. King (editor), and John Marshall Townsend (contributor), CreateSpace
Gold: Nose, Legs, Body! (978-0-9893087-0-0) by Len Napolitano, Wineology Press
Silver: The Bullies' Predatory Footprint (978-0-9523249-4-2) by Terri Ryan, The International Development & Information Guides
Bronze: The Well-Fed Self-Publisher (978-0-9670598-8-4) by Peter Bowerman, Fanove Publishing
Honorable Mention: The Little Blue Thinking Book (978-1-4351-4568-9) by Brandon Royal, Sterling Publishing
Gold: Rock Art of the Grand Canyon Region (978-0-932653-09-3) by Don D. Christensen, Jerry Dickey, and Steven M. Freers, Sunbelt Publications
Silver: Crown Hill (978-0-87195-301-8) by Douglas Wissing, Indiana Historical Society Press
Silver: Moving with the Seasons (978-0-9890187-0-8) by Liza F. Carter, Saltwind Press
Bronze: Wheel Fever (978-0-87020-613-9) by Jesse J. Gant and Nicholas J. Hoffman, Wisconsin Historical Society Press
Honorable Mention: Mud Creek Medicine (978-1-935497-73-8) by Kiran Bharaju, Butler Books
Gold: Consider the Birds (978-1-4267-4950-6) by Debbie Blue, Abingdon Press
Silver: The Good Funeral (978-0-664-23853-7) by Thomas G. Long and Thomas Lynch, Westminster John Knox
Bronze: Explorations in the Theology of Benedict XVI (978-0-268-02309-6) by John C. Cavadini (editor), University of Notre Dame Press
Honorable Mention: Playing God (978-0-8308-3765-6) by Andy Crouch, InterVarsity Press
Gold: Learning from Leonardo (978-1-60994-989-1) by Fritjof Capra, Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Silver: Reality Check (978-0-253-01029-2) by Donald R. Prothero, Indiana University Press
Bronze: The First Rocky Mountaineers (978-1-60781-262-3) by Marcel Kornfeld, University of Utah Press
Honorable Mention: Software and Mind (978-0-9869389-0-0) by Andrei Sorin, Andsor Books
Gold: The ONE Thing (978-1-885167-77-4) by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan, Bard Press
Silver: Shifting Gears to Your Life and Work After Retirement (978-0-9845136-1-1) by Carolee Duckworth and Marie Langworthy, New Cabady Press
Bronze: Forever Chic (978-0-8478-4149-3) by Tish Jett, Rizzoli
Honorable Mention: The Little Red Book of Financial Happiness (978-1-4918-1209-9) by Raymar Rodriguez, AuthorHouse
Social Sciences
Gold: Cleaning Up (978-0-8014-7896-3) by Dan Zuberi, Cornell University Press
Silver: Revolution Detroit (978-0-8143-3871-1) by John Gallagher, Wayne State University Press
Bronze: The Content Machine (978-0-85728-111-1) by Michael Bhaskar, Anthem Press
Honorable Mention: Return to Order (978-0-9882148-0-4) by John Horvat II, York Press
Gold: America's Classic Ballparks (978-1-60710-725-5) by James Buckley, Thunder Bay Press
Silver: Assisted (978-1-60907-570-5) by John Stockton, Kerry Pickett (contributor), and Karl Malone (contributor), Shadow Mountain
Bronze: Remembering Bulldog Turner (978-0-89672-827-1) by Michael Barr, Texas Tech University Press
Honorable Mention: Land of Second Chances (978-1-937715-20-5) by Tim Lewis, Velo Press
Travel Essays
Gold: The Blind Masseuse (978-0-299-29570-7) by Alden Jones, University of Wisconsin Press
Silver: Double Happiness (978-0-9911662-4-4) by Tony Brasunas, Torchpost
Bronze: Fringe Florida (978-0-8130-4493-4) by Lynn Waddell, University Press of Florida
Honorable Mention: Up North (978-1-883982-74-4) by Douglas Scott Brookes, Missouri History Museum
Travel Guides
Gold: An Illustrated Guide to the Holy Land for Tour Groups, Students, and Pilgrims (978-1-4267-5729-7) by Lamontte M. Luker, Abingdon Press
Silver: Armenia and Karabakh (978-0-9672120-7-4) by Matthew Karanian (author, photographer) and Robert Kurkjian (photographer), Stone Garden Productions
Bronze: SWISS Bernese Oberland (978-0-9632235-5-5) by Philip Alspach and Loretta Alspach, Intercon Publishing
Honorable Mention: Eat Smart in Germany (978-0-9776801-4-6) by Mary Bergin, Ginkgo Press
True Crime
Gold: Nameless Indignities (978-1-60635-159-8) by Susan Elmore, Kent State University Press
Silver: Murder in Beverly Hills (978-1-4343-0560-2) by Cathy Scott, AuthorHouse
Bronze: Heist and High (978-0-9857945-0-7) by Anthony Curcio and Dane Batty, Nish Publishing
Honorable Mention: Black Caesar (978-0-9852440-1-9) by Ron Chepesiuk, Strategic Media Books
War & Military
Gold: "Old Slow Town" (978-0-8143-3603-8) by Paul Taylor, Wayne State University Press
Silver: Embattled Farmers (978-0-944856-11-6) by Richard C. Wiggin, Lincoln Historical Society
Bronze: Arsenal of Democracy (978-0-8143-3951-0) by Charles K. Hyde, Wayne State University Press
Honorable Mention: The Road to War (978-0-8157-2493-3) by Marvin Kalb, Brookings Institution Press
Women's Studies
Gold: Whiskey Women (978-1-61234-564-2) by Fred Minnick, Potomac Books
Silver: Tasting Home (978-1-938314-03-2) by Judith Newton, She Writes Press
Bronze: Maxed Out (978-1-58005-523-9) by Katrina Alcorn, Seal Press
Honorable Mention: More of Life's Spices (978-0-9755162-7-0) by Vicki L. Ward (editor), Kathryn Parker (contributor), and Patricia Canterbury (contributor), Nubian Images Publishing
Gold: Writing from Within (978-0-89793-617-0) by Bernard Selling, Hunter House Publishers
Silver: Author YOU (978-1-885331-41-0) by Judith Briles, Mile High Press
Bronze: Find Your Story, Write Your Memoir (978-0-299-29314-7) by Lynn C. Miller and Lisa Lenard-Cook, The University of Wisconsin Press
Honorable Mention: Word Up! (978-0-9858203-0-5) by Marcia Riefer Johnston, Northwest Brainstorm Publishing

Graphic Novels & Comics

Graphic Novels & Comics
Gold: The Fifth Beatle (978-1-61655-256-5) by Vivek J. Tiwary, Dark Horse Comics
Silver: Mouse Guard (978-1-936393-06-0) by David Petersen, Boom! Studios
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Juvenile Fiction
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Juvenile Nonfiction
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Picture Books
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Picture Books, Early Reader
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Young Adult Fiction
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Young Adult Nonfiction
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