Foreword Reviews

Full List of 2005 Foreword INDIES Winners

Editor's Choice

A Multitude of Mercies (978-0-595-34969-2) by Fay Freimuth, iUniverse
The Orientalists (978-0-9759783-0-6) by Kristian Davies, Laynfaroh

Adult Fiction

Gay & Lesbian
Some Dance to Remember (978-1-56023-327-5) by Jack Fritscher, Harrington Park Press/The Haworth Press
Symmetry (978-0-595-67227-1) by I. E. Woodward, iUniverse
Maurice and Alec in America (978-1-4208-3807-7) by Fred Carrier, AuthorHouse
A Bridge in Darkness (978-0-9714366-4-0) by Carlos Victoria, Pureplay Press
A Fractured Mind (978-1-59316-070-8) by Robert B. Oxnam, Listen & Live Audio
Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo (978-1-59038-408-4) by Obert Skye, Shadow Mountain
Secret Service: Untold Stories of Lesbians in the Military (978-1-55583-748-8) by Zsa Zsa Gershick, Alyson Books
The Pagoda in the Garden (978-1-59051-176-3) by Wendy Lesser, Other Press
Best Gay and Lesbian Films: Glitter Awards 2005 (978-0-9748118-3-3) by Darwin Porter, Danforth Prince and Theodora Chowfatt, Blood Moon Productions
Centuria (978-0-929701-72-1) by Giorgio Manganelli, McPherson & Company
Jonny Magic and the Card Shark Kids (978-1-59316-069-2) by David Kushner, Listen & Live Audio
Pinned (978-1-59316-044-9) by Alfred C. Martino, Listen & Live Audio
Without Grace (978-1-58348-036-6) by Carol Hoenig, iUniverse
Master of the Sea (978-0-9707652-7-7) by Jose Sarney, Aliform Publishing
Purpose and Power in Retirement (978-1-932031-87-4) by Harold Koenig, Templeton Foundation Press
Snake Walkers (978-0-9761927-0-1) by J. Everett Prewitt, Northland Publishing
The Rice Queen Diaries (978-1-55152-189-3) by Daniel Gawthrop, Arsenal Pulp Press
Everything Good Will Come (978-1-56656-570-7) by Sefi Atta, Interlink Books
Rashi's Daughters, Book 1 (978-0-9763050-5-7) by Maggie Anton, Banot Press
The Traitor's Wife (978-0-595-35959-2) by Susan Higginbotham, iUniverse
The Stonecutter's Aria (978-0-9767949-1-2) by Carol Faenzi, Aperto Books
The J Affect (978-0-9759748-0-3) by Peter Burstin, FS Laurel Press
Fire on Mount Maggiore (978-1-57233-445-8) by John Parras, The University of Tennessee Press
O My Darling (978-1-59051-174-9) by Amity Gage and Amity Gaige, Other Press
The Grail Conspiracy (978-0-7387-0787-7) by Joe Moore and Lynn Sholes, Midnight Ink
Judas Burning (978-1-57966-061-1) by Carolyn Haines, River City Publishing
Cold Burn (978-1-59058-143-8) by Kit Ehrman, Poisoned Pen Press
Landscape (978-0-595-35660-7) by Donna Cousins, iUniverse
Saving Grace (978-1-58229-433-9) by Denise Hunter, Howard Publishing
Unspoken (978-0-8499-4482-6) by Angela Hunt, WestBow Press
Fighting for Bread and Roses (978-0-8254-2409-0) by Lynn A. Coleman, Kregel Publications
Magic Carpet Ride (978-1-59298-094-9) by Audrey McClellan, Beaver's Pond Press
A Dream Across Time (978-0-9770183-0-7) by Annie Rogers, Bivens and Jensen Publishing
Science Fiction & Fantasy
Zed (978-1-55152-197-8) by Elizabeth McClung, Arsenal Pulp Press
Fantastic Companions (978-1-55041-863-7) by Julie Czerneda, Fitzhenry and Whiteside
The Cattle (978-0-9766202-1-1) by Greg M Sarwa, Ampol Publishing
Short Stories
The Collected Short Stories of Harriette Simpson Arnow (978-0-87013-756-3) by Sandra L. Ballard and Haeja K. Chung, editors, Michigan State University Press
One Foot in Heaven (978-1-55050-312-8) by David Waltner-Toews, Coteau Books
American Dreaming and Other Stories (978-0-9760963-4-4) by Doris Iarovici, Novello Festival Press

Adult Nonfiction

Adventure & Recreation
Treehouse Chronicles (978-0-9720307-4-8) by S. Peter Lewis and T.B.R. Walsh (illustrator), TMC Books
Riding High (978-1-55591-563-6) by Thomas J. Noel, Fulcrum Publishing
Bed, Breakfast and Bike Florida (978-0-933855-24-3) by Dale V. Lally Jr., Anacus Press, An Imprint of Finney Company
Oxford Anthology of African American Poetry (978-0-19-512563-4) by Arnold Rampersad, Oxford University Press
Dinarzad's Children: An Anthology Of Contemporary Arab American Fiction (978-1-55728-781-6) by Pauline Kaldas, editor, University of Arkansas Press
A New Omnibus of Crime (978-0-19-518214-9) by Tony Hillerman and Rosemary Herbert, editors, Oxford University Press
Chinese Houses (978-0-8048-3537-4) by Ronald G. Knapp and A. Chester Ong (illustrator), Tuttle Publishing
American City (978-0-8143-3270-2) by Robert Sharoff and William Zbaren, Wayne State University Press
The Very Small Home (978-4-77002999-7) by Azby Brown, Kodansha International
Iconic Building (978-0-8478-2756-5) by Charles Jencks, Rizzoli
Jerry Garcia (978-1-56025-791-2) by April Higashi, editor, Insight Editions
Woody Guthrie Artworks (978-0-8478-2738-1) by Steven Brower and Nora Guthrie, Rizzoli
The Art and Character of Nutcrackers (978-1-933112-08-4) by Arlene Wagner, Collectors Press
High Drama (978-1-55595-276-1) by Michael Duncan, Hudson Hills Press
Autobiography & Memoir
An Unplanned Life (978-0-8262-1622-9) by George McKee Elsey, University of Missouri Press
Franca's Story (978-0-9763929-2-7) by Diane Kinman and Franca Mercati Martin (illustrator), Wimer Publishing
Husband of a Fanatic (978-1-56584-926-6) by Amitava Kumar, The New Press
Mencken (978-0-19-507238-9) by Marion Elizabeth Rodgers, Oxford University Press
Louis Johnson and the Arming of America (978-0-253-34626-1) by Keith McFarland and David Roll, Indiana University Press
Stephen Spender (978-0-19-517816-6) by John Sutherland, Oxford University Press
Body, Mind & Spirit
Jun Q'anil (978-1-879384-60-6) by Jessica Nagler, Cypress House
The Heart and Science of Yoga (978-0-9753752-8-0) by Leonard Perlmutter, AMI Publishers
Invisible No More (978-0-595-34762-9) by Renee Fisher, Joyce Kramer and Jean Peelen, iUniverse
The Way of Vastu (978-0-9749109-1-8) by Robin and Michael Mastro, Balanced Books Publishing
Business & Economics
The Resilient Enterprise (978-0-262-19537-9) by Yossi Sheffi, The MIT Press
The Business Startup Checklist and Planning Guide (978-1-59330-300-6) by Stephanie Chandler, Aventine Press
Unexpected Returns (978-1-879384-62-0) by Ed Easterling, Cypress House
The Virtual Handshake (978-0-8144-7286-6) by David Teten and Scott Allen, AMACOM
Why Men Earn More (978-0-8144-7210-1) by Warren Farrell, AMACOM
Quick Resume and Cover Letter Book (978-1-59357-089-7) by Michael Farr, JIST Publishing
Ocean Friendly Cuisine (978-1-59543-061-8) by James O. Fraioli, Willow Creek Press
Will Cook For Sex (978-1-932173-51-2) by Rocky Fino, Stephens Press
The New Glorious American Food (978-1-932183-74-0) by Christopher Idone, Welcome Books
Crafts & Hobbies
Super Crafty (978-1-57061-450-7) by Susan Beal, Torie Nguyen, Rachel O'Rourke and Cathy Pitters, Sasquatch Books
The Marisol Skiff (978-0-937822-88-3) by Gifford Jackson (author, illustrator), WoodenBoat Books
Print Magic (978-1-58011-271-0) by Helen Bradley, Creative Homeowner
A Fabric Journey (978-1-57120-279-6) by Ruth B. McDowell, C&T Publishing
Front of the Class (978-1-889242-24-8) by Brad Cohen and Lisa Wysocky, VanderWyk and Burnham
The Leadership Integrity Challenge (978-0-9768643-0-1) by Edward E. Morler, Sanai Publishing
Categories On the Beauty of Physics (978-0-9740266-3-3) by Emilano Sefusatti, Hilary Thayer Hamann and John Morse (illustrator), Vernacular Press
Teachers Have It Easy (978-1-56584-955-6) by Daniel Moulthrop, Ninive Calegari and Dave Eggers, The New Press
Black Market (978-1-932771-22-0) by Ben Davies, Earthaware Editions
The Flight Deck (978-0-9729126-2-4) by Jim Jamieson, ImageStream Press
Gone Tomorrow (978-1-56584-879-5) by Heather Rogers, The New Press
Fields That Dream (978-1-55591-506-3) by Jenny Kurzweil, Fulcrum Publishing
Bright Shoots of Everlastingness (978-0-9743427-7-1) by Paul J. Willis, WordFarm
Life's Spices From Seasoned Sistahs (978-0-9755162-0-1) by Vicki Ward, editor and Brian Walker (illustrator), Nubian Images Publishing
War and Faith in Sudan (978-0-8028-2933-7) by Gabriel Meyer and James Nicholls, Eerdmans
Family & Relationships
Raising You Alone (978-0-9726504-6-5) by Warren Hanson, Tristan Publishing
Unwritten Rules of Social Relationships (978-1-932565-06-5) by Temple Grandin and Sean Barron, Future Horizons
Choosing Single Motherhood (978-0-9772042-0-5) by Mikki Morrissette and Mary Leir (illustrator), Be-Mondo Publishing
Growing Up in Davie County (978-1-59629-079-2) by Jamie W. Moore, The History Press
Graphic Novels & Comics
Boneyard in Color (978-1-56163-427-9) by Richard Moore, NBM
Off Beat (978-1-59816-132-8) by Jen Lee Quick, TokyoPop
Leap Years (978-0-9743147-9-2) by Ian Bennett, Candle Light Press
The Lone and Level Sands (978-1-932386-12-7) by A. David Lewis and Marvin Perry Mann and Jennifer Rodgers (illustrator), Archaia Studios Press
Staying Clean and Sober (978-1-58054-391-0) by Merlene Miller and David Miller, Woodland Publishing
Multiple Sclerosis (978-1-888799-80-4) by T. Jock Murray, Demos Health
Breast Cancer Basics and Beyond (978-0-89793-454-1) by Delthia Ricks, Hunter House
Buried by the Times (978-0-521-81287-0) by Laurel Leff, Cambridge University Press
Remembered Past (978-1-932236-27-9) by John Lukacs, ISI Books
Restless Giant (978-0-19-512216-9) by James Patterson, Oxford University Press
Hanging Henry Gambrill (978-0-938420-93-4) by Tracy Matthew Melton, Maryland Historical Society
Home & Garden
Nancy Lancaster (978-0-7112-2429-2) by Martin Wood, Frances Lincoln Publishers
A Garden by the Sea (978-0-8478-2651-3) by Leila Hadley, Rizzoli
Landscaping with Stone (978-1-58011-112-6) by Pat Sagui, Creative Homeowner
Outdoor Living (978-1-890621-80-3) by Tom Carpenter, Landauer Corporation
The Thong Also Rises (978-1-932361-24-7) by Jennifer L. Leo, Travelers' Tales
The Hollywood Dictionary (978-1-932183-78-8) by Timothy M. Gray and J.C. Suares (illustrator), Welcome Books
The Wild Life of Cats (978-1-59543-233-9) by Leigh Rubin (author, illustrator), Willow Creek Press
Salsa Talks (978-0-9764990-0-8) by Mary Kent and Mary Kent, photographer (illustrator), Digital Domain
Elegant Soul and the Life and Music of Gene Harris (978-0-87004-445-8) by Janie Harris and Bob Evancho, Caxton Press
Neil Young Nation (978-1-55365-116-1) by Kevin Chong, Greystone Books
Dvorak (978-1-57467-107-0) by David Hurwitz, Amadeus Press
On Ancient Wings (978-0-9754964-0-4) by Michael Forsberg, Michael Forsberg Photography
Terra Antarctica (978-1-59534-015-3) by William L. Fox, Trinity University Press
Teaching the Trees (978-0-8203-2743-3) by Joan Maloof, University of Georgia Press
Marine Life of the Pacific Northwest (978-1-55017-361-1) by Andy Lamb and Bernard Hanby, Harbour Publishing
Heading Home With Your Newborn (978-1-58110-157-7) by Laura Jana and Jennifer Shu, American Academy of Pediatrics
Spintastik For the Family (978-1-56906-587-7) by Jennifer Nolan and Tory Dietel Hopps, Ronnie Sellers Productions
ScreamFree Parenting (978-0-9759981-1-3) by Hal Edward Runkel and Hal Edward Runkel LMFT, Oakmont Publishing
Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew (978-1-932565-30-0) by Ellen Notbohm, Future Horizons
Performing Arts
A Fine Romance (978-0-8230-7774-8) by Darcie Denkert, Watson-Guptill
Dressing a Galaxy (978-0-8109-6567-6) by Trisha Biggar, Insight Editions
Essential Deren (978-0-929701-65-3) by Maya Deren, Documentext/McPherson
The North Carolina Black Repertory Company (978-0-940880-74-0) by Felecia Piggott McMillan, Open Hand Publishing
The Little Big Book of Cats (978-1-932183-80-1) by Alice Wong (editor) and Lena Tabori (editor), Welcome Books
Horse Tails and Trails (978-1-59543-240-7) by Lisa Dines, Willow Creek Press
Cow Tails and Trails (978-1-59543-156-1) by Andrea Donner, Willow Creek Press
Interpreting Plato's Dialogues (978-1-930972-02-5) by J.Angelo Corlett, Parmenides Publishing
The Era of Choice (978-0-262-18248-5) by Edward C. Rosenthal, The MIT Press
Truth (978-0-19-516824-2) by Simon Blackburn, Oxford University Press
The Doors of the Sea (978-0-8028-2976-4) by David Bentley Hart, Eerdmans
Southernmost Art and Literary Portraits (978-0-86554-877-0) by Jimm Roberts, Mercer University Press
New York Deco (978-1-932183-84-9) by Richard Berenholtz, Welcome Books
Shots (978-1-932771-50-3) by David Fenton, Earthaware Editions
Garbo (978-0-8478-2724-4) by Robert Dance and Scott Reisfield, Rizzoli
Lives of the Sleepers (978-0-268-02185-6) by Ned Balbo, University of Notre Dame Press
My Nature Is Hunger (978-1-931896-24-5) by Luis J. Rodriguez, Curbstone Press
Trying to Speak (978-0-87338-847-4) by Anele Rubin, The Kent State University Press
A Love Story Beginning in Spanish (978-0-8203-2742-6) by Judith Ortiz Cofer, University of Georgia Press
Black Milk (978-1-931357-26-5) by Tory Dent, Sheep Meadow Press
The Narrows (978-1-884800-59-7) by Daniel Tobin, Four Way Books
Political Science
Electing to Fight (978-0-262-13449-1) by Edward D. Mansfield and Jack Snyder, The MIT Press
God vs. the Gavel (978-0-521-85304-0) by Marci A. Hamilton, Cambridge University Press
The American Era (978-0-521-85737-6) by Robert J. Lieber, Cambridge University Press
Rogue Regime (978-0-19-517044-3) by Jasper Becker, Oxford University Press
Popular Culture
Aliens in the Backyard (978-1-57003-582-1) by John Leland, University of South Carolina Press
The Rough Guide to Conspiracy Theories (978-1-84353-445-7) by James McConnachie and Robin Tudge, Rough Guides
Growing Up Degrassi (978-1-894549-48-6) by Michele Byers, editor, Sumach Press
Affluenza (978-1-57675-357-6) by John De Graaf, David Wann, Thomas H. Naylor, Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Misdiagnosis And Dual Diagnoses Of Gifted Children And Adults (978-0-910707-67-1) by James T. Webb, Great Potential Press
Learning from My Mother's Voice (978-0-8077-4551-9) by Jean Lau Chin, Teachers College Press
War and the Soul (978-0-8356-0831-2) by Edward Tick, Quest Books
God Without Religion (978-0-9724450-1-6) by Sankara Saranam, The Pranayama Institute
Did God Have a Wife? (978-0-8028-2852-1) by William G. Dever, Eerdmans
The Sufi Doctrine of Rumi (978-0-941532-88-4) by William C. Chittick, World Wisdom
Real Sex (978-1-58743-069-5) by Lauren F. Winner, Brazos Press/Baker Publishing Group
What the Bleep Do We Know!? (978-0-7573-0334-0) by William Arntz, Betsy Chasse, Mark Vicente, HCI Books
The Pregnancy Decision Handbook for Women with Depression (978-0-9765814-1-3) by Stephanie Durruthy, Mind Support
Clean (978-1-59285-182-9) by Chris Beckman, Hazelden
Get Unstuck and Get Going (978-0-9736424-4-5) by Michael Bungay Stanier, Box of Crayons Press
Peach (978-1-58726-257-9) by Richard Bak, Sports Media Group
1001 Golf Holes You Must Play Before You Die (978-1-56906-585-3) by Jeff Barr, Ronnie Sellers Productions
Strat-O-Matic Fanatics (978-0-87946-280-2) by Glenn Guzzo, ACTA Sports
Travel Essays
The Lonely Planet Guide to Experimental Travel (978-1-74104-450-8) by Rachael Antony and Joel Henry, Lonely Planet
A Woman's Asia (978-1-932361-19-3) by Marybeth Bond, editor, Travelers' Tales
Passing Through (978-1-932173-40-6) by Richard Menzies, Stephens Press
Travel Guides
Cafe Life Florence (978-1-56656-562-2) by Joe Wolff and Roger Paperno (illustrator), Interlink Books
Roadside Guide to Indian Ruins and Rock Art of the Southwest (978-1-56579-481-8) by Gordon and Cathie Sullivan, Westcliffe Publishers
Michelin Guide New York City (978-2-06711555-2) by Michelin, Michelin Travel Publications
Palestine (978-1-56656-557-8) by Mariam Shahin and George Azar (illustrator), Interlink Books
True Crime
Deadly Confidante (978-0-9755407-7-0) by Nancy Whitmore Poore, Book Publishers Network
Superthief (978-0-9662508-5-5) by Rick Porrello, Next Hat Press
The Rita Nitz Story (978-0-8093-2665-5) by Larry L. Franklin, Southern Illinois University Press


Juvenile Fiction
Mimus (978-1-55037-924-2) by Lilli Thal, Annick Press
Souls of the North Wind (978-0-595-35527-3) by Chrissy K. McVay, iUniverse
Dragon (978-1-4208-7442-6) by J. G. Eastwood and Carl J. Kocich (illustrator), AuthorHouse
Juvenile Nonfiction
The Secret Life of Math (978-0-8249-6755-0) by Ann McCallum and Carolyn McIntyre Norton (illustrator), Williamson Books
I'll Hold Your Hand So You Won't Fall (978-1-873413-13-5) by Rasheda Ali and Sean King (illustrator), Merit Publishing International
Transformed (978-1-55337-179-3) by Bill Slavin, Kids Can Press
The Courage to Be Yourself (978-1-57542-185-8) by Al Desetta, Free Spirit Publishing
Picture Books
Hopalong Jack and the Blue Bunnies (978-0-9765303-0-5) by Jeri Landers (author, illustrator), Ochre Moon Press
The Barefoot Book of Fairy Tales (978-1-84148-798-4) by Malachy Doyle and Nicoletta Ceccoli (illustrator), Barefoot Books
The Beautiful Beetle Book (978-0-7696-4150-8) by Sue Unstead and Gill Tomblin (illustrator), School Specialty Publishing
The Little Stone Lion (978-0-9762056-1-6) by Kim Xiong, Heryin Books
Baabaasheep Quartet (978-1-55041-890-3) by Leslie Elizabeth Watts, Fitzhenry and Whiteside
On the Night You Were Born (978-0-9765761-0-5) by Nancy Tillman, Darling Press
Young Adult Fiction
The Perfect Shot (978-1-57505-862-7) by Elaine Marie Alphin, Lerner Publishing Group
Swimming in the Monsoon Sea (978-0-88776-735-7) by Shyam Selvadurai, Tundra Books
Under a Stand Still Moon (978-0-9746481-8-7) by Ann Howard Creel, Brown Barn Books
Dancing With Elvis (978-0-8028-5293-9) by Lynda Stephenson, Eerdmans Books for Young Readers
Young Adult Nonfiction
Finding My Way (978-1-59298-117-5) by Michelle and DeAnne Sherman, Beaver's Pond Press
Secrets of a Civil War Submarine (978-1-57505-830-6) by Sally M. Walker, Lerner Publishing Group
Girl, 13 (978-1-59258-112-2) by Starla Griffin, Hylas Publishing
High School's Not Forever (978-0-7573-0256-5) by Jane Bluestein, Eric D. Katz, HCI Books