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Book of the Day Roundup May 4-8, 2020

by Barbara Hodge

How to Talk to Your Kids About Climate Change / Turning Angst into Action / Harriet Shugarman / New Society Publishers / Softcover $17.99 (208pp) / 978-0-86571-936-1 / Buy: Local Bookstore (IndieBound), Local Bookstore (Bookshop),... Read More


#READINDIE Online Campaign Launches

by Victoria Sutherland

Organized in response to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, Foreword is joining with a group of independent publishers, organizations, and trade magazines to launch #ReadIndie, an online campaign designed to highlight the range,... Read More


Pandemic Checklist for Indie Presses

by Victoria Sutherland

Just looking at my Publisher’s Note from last month and I’m wondering how the end of March could look so different from the end of April. Now that we understand that things will not be back to business as usual, even at the end of... Read More

Book Review


by Matt Sutherland

To what can we attribute a phobia? Is it a bad memory metastasized, or is extreme fear unrelated, or not always related, to memory? Furthermore, what exactly happens when we feel fear? Does the feeling of fear prompt the body to tighten... Read More

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