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Soul to Keep

by Tia Smith

Jamie is an ex-junkie whose return from California back to England is his one true hope for salvation. Marc is a veteran whose life as a doctor is haunted by the things he’s seen and experienced in Iraq. When the two have a chance... Read More

Book Review

Fire Song

by Catherine Thureson

Full of sorrow and longing, Adam Garnet Jones’s "Fire Song" is a beautifully written story about self-discovery and navigating the difficult path between dreams and responsibility. Shane is an Anishinaabe teenager from Ontario torn... Read More

Book Review

Sodom Road Exit

by Meg Nola

Amber Dawn’s "Sodom Road Exit" combines supernatural erotic tension with the power of love, community, and acceptance, all set against former funhouse glory. The past meets the present with a searing intensity against the backdrop of a... Read More

Book Review

Two Moons

by Matt Grant

Krystal A. Smith’s "Two Moons" is an imaginative and whimsical collection of speculative short stories focused on themes of love, loss, fertility, and redemption. Each story is more fantastical and surprising than the last. Yet no... Read More

Book Review

Truth or Dare

by Mya Alexice

"Truth or Dare" follows the intertwining lives of six lesbian women in New England. Each have different relationships with one another; some are lovers, some are friends, others are exes who still communicate. Through alternating... Read More

Book Review

The Trans Generation

by Mya Alexice

Ann Travers’s "The Trans Generation" is an astounding and essential qualitative study that collects heartfelt, honest anecdotes from a variety of transgender children and their parents. This book explores how trans people interact with... Read More

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