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Book Review

Nouveau Noir

by John M. Murray

"Nouveau Noir" is an intricate murder mystery anchored by its charming rookie agent and colorful cast. In Drew Golden’s murder mystery "Nouveau Noir", a rookie FBI agent discovers the seedy underbelly of the wine industry. Wynn’s... Read More

Book Review

Who's There?

by George Hajjar

Who’s There? unites folktales with modern domestic horrors, resulting in a chilling collection. The five surprising horror stories in Dimas Rio’s Who’s There? mobilize fear to question religious piety, the makings of monsters, how... Read More

Book Review

Call Me Floy

by Camille-Yvette Welsch

“If there are to be stories about me, if I am to be a tameless girl, then let the story be mine,” says Florence “Floy” Hutchings in Joanna Cooke’s biographical novel "Call Me Floy". Headstrong, eleven-year-old Floy’s story is... Read More

Book Review

Music for Tigers

by Danielle Ballantyne

When Louisa is sent to her Uncle Rufus’s bush camp in Tasmania’s Tarkine forest—“the forest at the bottom of the world”—she is less than thrilled. She had intended to spend her summer practicing her violin audition for... Read More

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