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Book Review

Cathedral Late Afternoon

by Delia Stanley

In the historical novel "Cathedral Late Afternoon", a Jewish American soldier in post-war Germany has experiences that change his trajectory. In Bob Lavner’s historical novel "Cathedral Late Afternoon", an American soldier witnesses... Read More

Book Review

The Smooth River

by Melissa Wuske

"The Smooth River" is a self-help book that shows how to live a full life, even in the face of death. Richard S. Cohen’s "The Smooth River" is a self-help book rooted in a painful but hope-filled personal story. Cohen’s wife, Marcia,... Read More

Book Review

The Blue Butterfly

by Karen Rigby

"The Blue Butterfly" is a vibrant period novel that reimagines the controversial love story of a classic film star. Leslie Johansen Nack’s absorbing historical novel "The Blue Butterfly" follows Marion, the vulnerable mistress of... Read More

Book Review

Gareth Gets a Job

by Camille-Yvette Welsch

In the educational picture book "Gareth Gets a Job", a pup tests out the many jobs that he might perform, desperate to learn his purpose in life. In C. M. Harris’s inspirational picture book "Gareth Gets a Job", a ambitious, eager pup... Read More

Book Review

The Apology Box

by Aimee Jodoin

"The Apology Box" is a poignant young adult novel about redemption, community, and moving forward after life-altering mistakes. In Naomi Ulsted’s coming-of-age novel "The Apology Box", a sixteen-year-old girl works to recover from the... Read More

Book Review

A Spell of Rowans

by Jeana Jorgensen

The fantastical novel "A Spell of Rowans" combines murder mystery, magic, and mayhem for an exciting tour of a family’s history and trauma. Byrd Nash’s novel "A Spell of Rowans" revolves around a family with esoteric gifts and dark... Read More

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