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Book Review

Cuts That Don't Bleed

by Joe Taylor

An outwardly strong but still vulnerable woman struggles to survive her brutal past in Cuts That Don’t Bleed, a thriller about love and justice. A survivor of rape and childhood sexual abuse strives to avenge her past in Michelle L.... Read More

Book Review

Rich Pickings

by Charlene Oldham

"Rich Pickings" is a novel that evokes recent financial history well, showing how easy it is to be defined by what you do for money. In Axel van Reenen’s novel "Rich Pickings", a naïve New Zealander breaks into the high-stakes arena... Read More

Book Review


by Benjamin Welton

In the fast-moving political thriller "Oldogs", a motley intelligence crew takes on an international and devious terrorist team. Kip Cassino’s weird and wonderful novel "Oldogs" is about a rogue Kazakh warlord, stolen nuclear weapons,... Read More

Book Review


by Charlene Oldham

"Sycophants" is a quintessentially eighties novel in which two friends who came of age together learn how to seize and share the spotlight. Linda Gould’s novel "Sycophants" is set in the late 1980s, as former college roommates navigate... Read More

Book Review

Stockboy Nation

by Karen Rigby

"Stockboy Nation" is a contemporary novel about growing through hardships. In Thomas Duffy’s novel "Stockboy Nation", a former bestselling author deals with midlife insecurity after his job prospects wane. Phillip, a New Yorker in his... Read More

Book Review

The Rose and the Lion

by John M. Murray

"The Rose and the Lion" is a compelling historical novel about a slave who fought alongside the British in exchange for freedom. Charles J. Musser’s compelling historical novel "The Rose and the Lion" follows young slaves on their... Read More

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