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Book Review

Thunder Peak

by Karen Rigby

Injecting fantasy elements into an Old West setting, the young adult novel "Thunder Peak" follows a strong young woman as she meets her destiny. In Trae Stratton’s young adult novel "Thunder Peak", a girl comes into her own as she... Read More

Book Review

Dragonspawn Vengeance

by John M. Murray

The heroes of "Dragonspawn Vengeance" travel through time and space to defeat a dark magician before the end of the world. In Thomas Rottinghaus’s fantasy novel "Dragonspawn Vengeance", a pair of gun-toting warriors race to save their... Read More

Book Review

Foreign Teachers

by Rachel Jagareski

"Foreign Teachers" is a resonant novel about an East-West culture clash, seen through the eyes of a crude expat. Sam Wade’s satirical novel "Foreign Teachers" peeks under the veneer of the private schools attended by contemporary... Read More

Book Review

The Magic Keys of Tanglewood

by Delia Stanley

In the supernatural novel "The Magic Keys of Tanglewood", girls at a prestigious school pursue a generational mystery. In Malcolm Chester’s novel "The Magic Keys of Tanglewood", girls at a prestigious private school uncover a curse... Read More

Book Review

Hoo Lee Jing

by Dontaná McPherson-Joseph

The nostalgic historical novel "Hoo Lee Jing" concentrates on a group of Americans in China, around whom conflicts erupt. During the Communist Revolution, a group of genteel American expatriates try to recapture the glory of pre-war... Read More

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