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Book Review

Funny Thing Is

by Paige Van De Winkle

"Funny Thing Is" melds philosophy, science, and personal observations to result in a multifaceted take on modern comedy. Stephen Evans’s The Funny Thing Is is a perceptive dissection of the science and philosophy of comedy and comedic... Read More

Book Review

Fatal Decision

by Gregory A. Lowe

In the exhilarating spy novel "Fatal Decision", two accomplished and compelling intelligence agents on opposite sides of an agency divide go head to head. With shootouts, duplicity, and espionage throughout, T. K. Wolf’s thriller... Read More

Book Review

Lightning Mary

by Susan Waggoner

"Lightning Mary" is a rewarding novelization of how Mary Anning became one of the first people to discover dinosaurs. In 1810, Mary, an eleven-year-old girl, made a world-changing discovery on a muddy English beach. Here, Mary bursts... Read More

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