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Book Review

Writ in Water

by Susan Waggoner

The accomplished biographical novel "Writ in Water" covers John Keats’s life with insight and understanding. James Sulzer’s elegiac novel "Writ in Water" begins as British poet John Keats dies at the age of twenty-five. Accompanied... Read More

Book Review

Bear’s Bicycle

by Danielle Ballantyne

Bear is training hard for the woodland’s community bike ride, Summer Scoot. But he can’t seem to find his bicycle legs, even though he is using the same instructional book as everyone else. After running—and crashing—into some... Read More

Book Review

We Want a Dog

by Michelle Anne Schingler

A hodgepodge of pooches are the focus of this jaunty picture book that begins with a decision: “We want a dog!” But what kind of dog—farty? Barky? A shedder? A sharp dresser? The possibilities are many. The prospective pups are... Read More

Book Review


by Klay Dyer

The dark fantasy novel Voidoxity: The Eternal King sets up exciting possibilities for future bloody battles and existential challenges in the rich world it establishes. James L.P. Thompson’s elaborate fantasy novel Voidoxity: The... Read More

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