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2014 HONORABLE Mention for Romance

2014 BRONZE Winner for Science Fiction

2009 Finalist for Science Fiction & Fantasy

2008 Finalist for Biography

2007 Finalist for Travel Essays

Book Review

Tiger Pelt

by Gary Presley

Intelligent, polished, and thoroughly readable, "Tiger Pelt" is a story of deprivations and human endurance that is beyond heroic. A compassionate, sensitive story of hardship and endurance, courage and triumph, Annabelle Kim’s "Tiger... Read More

Book Review

Life in High Def

by Vernieda Vergara

This perceptive and sensitive novel is an inspirational reminder that the approval that matters most comes from within. Kimberly Cooper Griffin examines how people struggle to find fulfillment in her powerful debut, "Life in High Def".... Read More

Book Review

Prairie Dog Town

by Billie Rae Bates

This wonderful wartime story set in a fascinating era is equal parts action and romance. The South is torn by the Civil War in "Prairie Dog Town", a story punctuated by shells blasting and the continual threat of Union invasion. This is... Read More

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