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Book Review

The Mouse That Snored

by Nancy Powell

"The Mouse That Snored" is whimsical and original, with often excellent comedic timing. Mel Horowitz’s "The Mouse That Snored" is an amusing farcical reinterpretation of American revolutionary heroes and myths. Humboldt “Humby”... Read More

Book Review

Buddhism for Western Children

by Laura Leavitt

"Buddhism for Western Children" is a dreamlike literary novel that journeys into the psyche of cult living from the perspective of a child. Daniel’s parents, Ray and Cleary, bring him to Avadhoot Master King Ivanovich’s farm in Maine... Read More

2017 Finalist for True Crime

2017 SILVER Winner for Juvenile Fiction

2017 Finalist for Autobiography & Memoir

Book Review

A Dangerous Proposition

by Hannah Williams

The narrative fruitfully conveys the pain and suffering that too many women experience in the shadows. Donna Harris Harrison’s "A Dangerous Proposition" is poignant, disturbing, exciting, and emotionally riveting as it takes on themes... Read More

Book Review

Lord of California

by Paige Van De Winkle

This dystopian novel is poetic even in its austerity. Andrew Valencia’s dystopian "Lord of California" is set in rural, isolated California a few decades after it disbands from the United States. When Elliot Temple dies, each of his... Read More

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