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Truth Insurrected

The Saint Mary Project

2014 INDIES Winner
Honorable Mention, Science Fiction (Adult Fiction)

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

This thrilling mystery about Area 51 brings a personal touch with well-developed characters.

Truth Insurrected: The Saint Mary Project, by Daniel P. Douglas, is laced with mystery, drama, and enlightenment as investigators race to uncover the government’s topmost secrets and the string of deaths they’ve caused. Set in present-day America, this thought-provoking story reveals a world of new possibilities as the secrets about harnessing extraterrestrial knowledge come to light.

William Harrison and Art Holcomb are old partners who reunite to follow some strong leads in perhaps the most dangerous investigation they have ever conducted, on the instructions of a person they have never met. While investigating a string of deaths and disappearances of people belonging to special government units stationed in Area 51, they discover that humans are not alone in the universe. Furthermore, they discover that the government has known about it for years and is working hard to use this knowledge to gain more military power. Not as young as they once were, the men press on in their investigation, finding themselves in growing danger as they make their way onto the government’s radar.

With characters in many different locations around the country, Douglas does a great job linking all of the different components of the story and lining them up to fit perfectly within the plot. For example, there’s the cop who joins Harrison and Holcomb, motivated by a personal loss. Every main character is believable, growing increasingly angry, fearful, and suspicious about what the military is really up to in Area 51.

The pacing of this story is mostly steady, though it’s much slower in the beginning than it is toward the end. The links between the characters aren’t clear until the last third of the novel, but suspense rises soon after to a nail-biting level, complete with cliff-hanging chapters and heart-pounding action. Douglas has a smooth yet suspenseful style, characterized by careful word usage and sentence structure. “The encounter with the man in black faded from his consciousness, and his thoughts flowed again. The boundaries dissolved. He overlooked nothing and became connected to all of it. Before long, he walked, happily, in a wheat field in Scotland.”

Another intriguing aspect of this book is the inclusion of dialogue conducted in different languages, particularly Russian. Although, for a non-Russian speaker, use of the language does not take away from the story, for those who understand the language this could be a real treat.

Overall, Truth Insurrected: The Saint Mary Project is a suspenseful mystery that could be read and enjoyed by avid readers everywhere.

Reviewed by Jessica S. Council

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