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Book Review

Nobody I Know

by Jeremiah Rood

Raising good questions about the state of contemporary society, "Nobody I Know" is a compelling religious psychological thriller. John J. Gaynard’s heady thriller "Nobody I Know" mines ideas about terrorism and the intellect to... Read More

Book Review

The Breath of a Whale

by Anna Call

With style, accessible writing, and a narrative of personal growth and discovery, Leigh Calvez’s "The Breath of a Whale" is both more positive and more personal than other books of its type. It is a softer take on the environmental... Read More

Book Review


by Michelle Anne Schingler

Set at the dawn of the 1980s, Norma Elia Cantú’s lovely novel "Cabañuelas" occupies a culturally liminal space. Nena is from a family in Laredo, Texas, that keeps its Mexican culture alive, even while sending its sons to fight for... Read More

Book Review

Acts of Assumption

by Letitia Montgomery-Rodgers

“Love is an earthquake … It overturns all sorts of assumptions,” and from "Acts of Assumption"‘s opening three-part definition of assumption, S. W. Leicher plays with its mental, physical, and cultural forms, chronicling what... Read More

Book Review

Frozen Dinners

by Aimee Jodoin

Affecting and sometimes poetic, "Frozen Dinners" paints a complex portrait of a twentieth-century Idahoan family and its business empire. Elaine Ambrose’s memoir "Frozen Dinners" details the emotional roller coaster of her father’s... Read More

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