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Book Review

Dancing Devi

by Michelle Anne Schingler

Practice makes perfect, as Devi learns through a dance competition. She is excited about following in her decorated mother’s footsteps; she knows that she’s got her moves down. She’s dismayed when no awards follow, but her mother... Read More

Book Review


by Jenna Jaureguy

In Jenny Jaeckel’s coming-of-age novel "Eighteen" a free-spirited young woman heads for college and falls in love for the first time. Talia grew up all over, moving from commune to commune with her unconventional parents. In 1990, she... Read More

Book Review

How to Be a Revolutionary

by Eileen Gonzalez

In C. A. Davids’s novel "How to Be a Revolutionary", two people from opposite ends of the world connect and are separated by political and personal secrets. Beth, a South African haunted by her turbulent youth and failing marriage,... Read More

Book Review

Fun & Funky Cross Stitch

by Sarah White

With a mix of retro style and modern sensibilities, Fun & Funky Cross Stitch includes more than 160 colorful, creative cross stitch designs and project ideas that tap into pop culture. The work of eight different artists, these... Read More

Book Review

Grounded Eagles

by John M. Murray

The informative, life-affirming historical novellas "Grounded Eagles" follow three RAF pilots who are forced out of the air during World War II. The historical novellas in Helena P. Schrader’s "Grounded Eagles" concern non-flying... Read More

Book Review

Take a Left at Tomorrow

by Kristen Rabe

"Take a Left at Tomorrow" is a compelling love story that recreates landmark events of the late 1960s. As the novel opens, Joey, a bright, pretty teenager growing up near the Minnesota Iron Range, juggles her high school classes with... Read More

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