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Book Review

Orphan Station

by Delia Stanley

John Kent’s "Orphan Station" is an emotional, heroic coming-of-age tale that sees the universe through the eyes of a young girl in space as she searches for the truth about her family. Selene Sotana is a bright, creative preteen who... Read More

Book Review

The Separation

by Nancy Powell

"The Separation" is an entertaining dystopian thriller centered in a repressed future America. In Thomas Duffy’s smart and timely Big Brother thriller "The Separation", a mathematical genius is caught up in a dangerous game with the... Read More

Book Review

Missing Signal

by Susan Waggoner

In "Missing Signal", Seb Doubinsky’s sly science-fiction romp, a counterintelligence agent named Terrence Kovacs is tasked with spreading false UFO claims. The strategy is designed to keep hostile governments perpetually preoccupied.... Read More

Book Review


by Catherine Thureson

In "Wired", a frighteningly believable story set in the not-too-distant future, technology has achieved its darkest promise, replacing human interactions and genuine experiences with virtual reality. Independent, hardworking Maggie has... Read More

Book Review

From Paul to Saul

by John M. Murray

"From Paul to Saul" is an engaging, faith-driven postapocalyptic novel. In Joel McNenny’s engrossing and thrilling dystopia "From Paul to Saul", a new generation faces an uncertain future, directed by questions of faith, morality, and... Read More

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