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It’s not often that one sees successful cross-pollination between the worlds of comics and music, but Dave Chisholm accomplishes just that with his graphic novel (and... Read More

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The name Audubon is synonymous with ornithology, but it’s the man behind the famous wildlife paintings that’s revealed in Fabien Grolleau and Jérémie Royer’s beautiful... Read More

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Love, Retold

There’s been much discussion in recent years about different sexual identities, a once-controversial topic, but it’s safe to say that polyamory (romantic relationships with... Read More

Book Review

Last Things

Marissa Moss shares the brutal experience of her husband’s deterioration from ALS, in her unflinching graphic memoir, "Last Things". Moss, a successful author of many... Read More

Book Review


This code-cracking exploration will intrigue all those who appreciate the thrill of the chase. Craig Bauer proves an able and entertaining guide to the world of real-life... Read More

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