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Books Reviewed by Karen Ackland

Book Review


Adrenalin-laced and with a strong sense of the absurd, this small-town Canadian novel explores situations both dark and amoral. Andrew F. Sullivan’s Waste takes place in a... Read More

Book Review


A spirited mother-daughter road trip to Mexico takes a turn for the humorous when long-dead relatives start showing up. Fling!, Lily Iona Mackenzie’s debut novel, is a romp... Read More

Book Review


Through the narrator’s oral history, this novel examines the forces that cause a young sharecropper to take his own life. Drought, a novel by Ronald Fraser, revolves around... Read More

Book Review

Plus One

Plus One provides a comic view of Hollywood excesses, but at its heart is a family reclaiming what’s important. Christopher Noxon’s Plus One describes a family struck by... Read More

Book Review


Detailed depictions of firefighting provide a context for gender inequality in physically demanding careers. Mary Pauline Lowry’s novel Wildfire provides an insider view into... Read More

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