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Change the Story of Your Health

Using Shamanic and Jungian Techniques for Healing

2017 INDIES Winner
Honorable Mention, Health (Adult Nonfiction)
2017 INDIES Finalist
Finalist, Body, Mind & Spirit (Adult Nonfiction)
2017 INDIES Finalist
Finalist, Psychology (Adult Nonfiction)

This work on health and healing from a mind-body-spirit perspective is insightful and practical.

In Change the Story of Your Health, clinical psychologist Carl Greer explains how to create a transformative health story using shamanic and Jungian techniques. The unconscious power of stories unlocks opportunities for healing as well as improved vitality, confidence, and stamina.

“Always remember that you are the storyteller,” writes Greer, “and you do not have to live according to the dictates of a story written for you by your DNA, your past experiences and actions, or your cultural conditioning.” Greer recommends writing the story of your health by focusing on four health chapters or themes: eating, drinking, and weight; movement and exercise; sexuality, body image, and body acceptance; and symptom management for chronic health conditions. For each chapter, he poses a page-plus of questions to expand thinking about the theme.

Next, the deep work begins. Exercises based on shamanic and Jungian archetypes are described to encourage greater health insights. These include working with elements in nature; dialoguing with figures, symbols, and spirit animals; and dream work. Preparation is discussed, and journaling afterward to bring the story to life is recommended.

Despite its use of alternative techniques, the book is practical, and is presented in a straightforward manner. Mini case studies show others’ experiences with the energy exercises, and the changes they made as a result. Greer makes clear that the intention of this work is to complement and enhance, not replace, western medicine. He recommends that clients check with a medical doctor as symptoms are uncovered, and he relates some of his own health challenges. Learning about the latest research, assistive devices, and medical interventions is encouraged.

The work described here will take time, but anyone interested in improving health challenges or who is curious about alternative healing techniques will find this to be an insightful guide.

Reviewed by Karen Ackland

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