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Quest to be the Best

In Quincredible, a New Orleans teenager learns to fight for justice—with his superpower and without it.

Quin is easygoing and has an interest in electronics; he strives for recognition from Brittany, the smartest girl in his school. He’s also invulnerable, courtesy of a recent meteor shower. His invulnerability protects Quin from being damaged by the local bullies, but seems useless to him otherwise. And though he can’t be hurt on the outside, Quin grapples with uncertainty about his role in the community, also managing more pedestrian worries, like cleaning his room and competing with the class jock for Brittany’s attention.

Quin is drawn into political protests through Brittany, and they begin to see a protest leader as a role model. But the importance of informed awareness and questioning authority is highlighted when that leader is revealed to have a secret agenda. Looking to change the world for the better, Quin foils a crime using his ingenuity, but then wonders about the fate of the three young perpetrators as they head to jail. Later, with the aid of other superheroes, he defeats the mastermind behind the city’s troubles.

The book’s excellent, crisp dialogue combines with detailed, immersive artwork that is attentive to settings, as well as to characters’ expressions and movements, down to the positions of their fingers. Quin faces contemporary problems with the aspirational energy and self-doubt of a twenty-first-century Peter Parker. Collecting the first five issues of the comic book series devoted to him, Quincredible is thoughtful, open-minded, and, most of all, fun.

Reviewed by Peter Dabbene

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