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Book Review

Laurel Everywhere

by Karla Strand

With its themes of family, loss, sexuality, and self-discovery, Erin Moynihan’s "Laurel Everywhere" is a touching and quirky coming-of-age story. Laurel was named after the laurel bush, a nondescript plant that is found everywhere... Read More

Book Review


by Vivian Turnbull

The magic continues in R. J. Anderson’s fantasy sequel, "Nomad". Ever since Ivy, a pixie, learned that her mother was still alive, her life has been turned upside down. In gaining a mother, she lost her father. In gaining a new home,... Read More

Book Review

From Darkness

by Karen Rigby

Childhood friends separated by death reunite in Kate Hazel Hall’s supernatural novel "From Darkness". Ari and Alex once played in the Australian wilds. Then Alex drowned, and Ari blamed herself. Years later, a snakebite should have... Read More

Book Review

Temple of Eternity

by John M. Murray

"Temple of Eternity" is a suspenseful adventure story whose hero travels the globe, learning that all is interconnected. In R. Scott Boyer’s thrilling novel "Temple of Eternity", a teenager fights to save his friends from a malevolent... Read More

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