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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that are available for $14.99.

Book Review

The Circle That Fits

by Michelle Anne Schingler

In Kevin Lichty’s whimsical novella "The Circle That Fits", a boy raised in a carnival seeks a steady life. Daniel grows up beneath the flashing lights of the midway, where people’s screams of joy belie dark realities that slink out... Read More

Book Review

The Worm Man

by Alex Dailey

A woman with a traumatic past comes under her neighbors’ suspicion when a child is kidnapped in the surprise-filled mystery novel "The Worm Man". In Mary Frances Hill’s thrilling small-town mystery novel "The Worm Man", a girl’s... Read More

Book Review

I Miss You

by Catherine Thureson

Gioia Guerzoni’s "I Miss You" is a beautiful book of exercises designed to quell longing for absent people, places, and things. This work recognizes a variety of scenarios in which one might yearn. For those missing a person, the book... Read More

Book Review

Half In

by Kristine Morris

Coming-of-age and coming out collide in Felice Cohen’s poignant memoir "Half In". When Cohen was a twenty-three-year-old recent college graduate, she faced her future with uncertainty. She hoped to become a full-time professional... Read More

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