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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that are available for $14.99.

Book Review

Culture of One

by Mari Carlson

"Culture of One" is a demanding work of interactive religious exploration. In "Culture of One", John Ralph Tuccitto argues God’s truth as an ironic evangelist. The book begins with a quiz—an exercise that introduces its interactive... Read More

Book Review

In the Company of Men

by Tanisha Rule

In Véronique Tadjo’s literary novel "In the Company of Men", a community goes to battle against Ebola. Two boys wander into the woods to hunt; they come come home proud to prepare and eat the animals they’ve ensnared. But within... Read More

Book Review

Mia and Nattie

by Karen Rigby

With its empathetic theme of caring for animals who are different, "Mia and Nattie" is an uplifting picture book about acceptance and belonging. A young girl befriends and saves a special sheep in Marlene M. Bell’s picture book, Mia... Read More

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