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Book Review

Monsterland Reanimated

by Anita Lock

A coming-of-age page-turner, "Monsterland Reanimated" puts a whole new spin on the world of good and evil. What started as an act of altruism turns into a horror of monstrous proportions in Michael Okon’s "Monsterland Reanimated". A... Read More

Book Review

Dragon's Shadow

by Charlene Oldham

Dragon’s Shadow is an engaging fantasy that tackles real-world young adult challenges. Allison Morse’s fantasy Dragon’s Shadow moves between modern America and an alternate land, Hamadriad, where one teenager must go to face her... Read More

Book Review

A Night Sea Journey

by Peter Dabbene

"A Night Sea Journey" is a thoughtful, transformative poetry collection. Inspired by his own experiences with physical and mental breakdown, Adrian G. R. Scott presents his unique and transcendent poem collection, "A Night Sea Journey".... Read More

Book Review

The Warrior Revealed

by Erika Harlitz Kern

"The Warrior Revealed" is a fantasy quest that entertains and ensnares in equal measure. In A. R. Winterstaar’s heartfelt and entertaining fantasy adventure, "The Warrior Revealed", Queen Adelena is on a quest to save her daughter’s... Read More

Book Review


by Peter Dabbene

Onibi: Diary of a Yokai Ghost Hunter follows two young people who travel through Japan searching for Yokai—ghosts or supernatural creatures. A graphic novel that defies easy categorization, the story draws heavily from the real-life... Read More

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