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Phoenix Flame

Havenfall, Book Two

A teenage girl fights to save her family and an entire realm in Sara Holland’s young adult fantasy novel, Phoenix Flame.

Maddie always thought that the inhabitants of Solaria were an evil, dangerous race. Now that she knows the truth—that they are no better or worse than anyone else—she is determined to save them from the soul trade, a terrible practice that forces Solarians to transfer parts of their souls into objects. To do this, Maddie must risk everything—and everyone—she loves on an impossible journey between worlds.

The stakes could not be higher: not only must Maddie shut down the despicable soul trade, she has to confront shocking truths about her family, who are all involved in stopping the trade in their own ways. As if that wasn’t enough, Maddie’s love life has hardly begun and it is already a mess. She has fallen for a handsome soldier from another world, but their differing ideals may spell the end of their nascent romance. Meanwhile, a girl whom Maddie thought lost to her returns, bringing Maddie’s buried feelings for her back to the surface.

Part of a series, this entry can stand on its own and includes helpful summaries of places and events from the previous installment. From her magical home base in the Colorado Rockies, Maddie travels to the beautiful, snow-covered world of Fiordenkill, which is home to a wealthy soul trader. After a series of daring missions and surprise encounters, Maddie and her friends resort to a desperate gamble that will either reunite her broken family and bring her one step closer to ending the slave trade…or destroy worlds.

With action, adventure, and romance, Phoenix Flame is an epic young adult fantasy novel about the importance of doing what you know to be right.

Reviewed by Eileen Gonzalez

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