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Book Review

Venom Flight

by John M. Murray

"Venom Flight" is an adventure story filled with violence, sex, romance, and humor. Alan E. Sutton’s powerful adventure story, "Venom Flight", trades between thrilling elements and wish-fulfilling world travels. Vietnam veteran John... Read More

Book Review

Quantum Consciousness

by Kristine Morris

These days, the “veil” between the unseen and seen worlds is becoming thinner. It has to, according to author, researcher, and founder of the Institute for Quantum Consciousness Peter Smith, because its existence is based on a belief... Read More

Book Review

48 Hours

by Ho Lin

A retiree-cum-international-spy finds himself zipping around the world in this wish-fulfillment thriller. David Halfpenny’s spy novel "48 Hours" crisscrosses the globe from England to continental Europe and Afghanistan. The narrative... Read More

Book Review

The Director Murdered

by Benjamin Welton

Uganda is exquisitely described in this murder mystery with a dynamic lead. Emmanuel Igwaro Odongo-Aginya’s murder mystery "The Director Murdered", set in Uganda, has political overtones and a likable lead detective; its dynamic team... Read More

Book Review

Topping Out

by Susan Waggoner

Without sugarcoating the harshness of ranchers’ lives, "Topping Out" is a broad-canvas memoir about a way of life valued for the freedom, beauty, and independence it provided. Katherine Wonn Harris’s winning memoir, "Topping Out",... Read More

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