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Book Review

The Dark That Dwells

by John M. Murray

"The Dark That Dwells" is a powerful start to a new space opera series. In Matt Digman and Ryan Roddy’s robust space opera, The Dark that Dwells, four strangers face their fears as the return of a dark entity looms. Human beings have... Read More

Book Review

On Loving

by Claire Foster

"On Loving" is a rich novel concerned with what it means to truly love someone. In Lili Naghdi’s literature-infused novel "On Loving", a lonely young Iranian surgeon experiences love, loss, and longing. Rose, the distant cousin of... Read More

Book Review

Madame Badobedah

by Pallas Gates McCorquodale

There are many guests that come and go at the Mermaid Hotel, but according to young Mabel, none are as mysterious or noteworthy as Madame Badobedah (her name rhymes with ooh la la). Equal parts curious and suspicious, Mabel determines to... Read More

Book Review

Parable of the Brown Girl

by Claire Foster

Fulfilling the promise that “the last shall be first,” Khristi Lauren Adams’s The Parable of the Brown Girl is a moving call to power for black women and girls. Drawing on biblical stories and Adams’s personal experiences as a... Read More

Book Review

Modern Ascension

by Kristine Morris

"Modern Ascension" is an encouraging text that suggests a new paradigm for addressing karmic debt. Carol Anne Halstead’s "Modern Ascension" collects the personal stories of thirteen initiates on a quest for higher consciousness.... Read More

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